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  5. He self-settles at night. However, during the day is a different matter
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He self-settles at night. However, during the day is a different matter

I have a 3 month old who is sleeping well during the night. We have established a bedtime routine - bath, then massage between 6 and 6.30pm, then top up feed at 7 and bed at 7.30pm. He is able to self-settle and puts himself to sleep. He also self-settles at night after a feed. However, during the day is a different matter. He has become accustomed to being put to sleep in his bouncer. I have tried putting him in his cot, but he cries and cries. I am developing a bad habit of bouncing him off to sleep in his bouncer during the day. What steps should I take to resolve this? Also, would it be best to feed and then bath. We are doing it vice-a-versa at the moment.

Answer: Hi, Some babies are poor daytime sleepers and we often resort to something that seems to work but ends up creating a bad habit. Feed/play/sleep is a great routine and also a terrific way of knowing when to act on tired signs, the most important thing is that he does go into his cot awake, and if waking during the night you can replace play with a nappy change. He is doing really well at night though and you seem to understand all the `rules` I would try and persist with some settling techniques during the day rather than the bouncer. Our It`s Time To Sleep settling techniques are all hands on and no leaving baby at this age but teach baby to fall asleep independently.You can get details from `Your Baby`s Sleep` or www.itstimetosleep.com Cheers, Maree
Answered: 01 Jul 2009