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He is waking up crying each morning at 5am

Hi Maree,
I have a 14 month old son who is waking each morning at 5am and not settling himself back to sleep. He wakes up crying and I`m not sure if he has had a bad dream or what the reason is! We got into a bad habit of cuddling him to sleep and have gotten him out of this habit for the most part. He goes into his cot awake at 7.30pm and falls asleep, but wakes at 5am. We have tried putting him to sleep later and earlier also, but he still wakes early. His day sleeps aren`t great either as he is in daycare and gets distracted by everything going on and doesn`t sleep well there either!
Any tips?

Answer: Hi Fleur, Unfortunately some babies/toddlers are just early risers, I would try to be consistent with the 7.30 bedtime this is ideal. You could try to resettle but I don`t think it`s worth the battle at this hour, I guess you could either try giving him a bottle at 5am and get a bit longer out of him or a bit of cuddle time can be nice too. Otherwise get up and start the day, get your chores done early, even prepare dinner for the evening and go to bed a bit earlier yourself. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 01 Jul 2009