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Hardly ever slept right through

Hi, I have a 21 month old, who has hardly slept thru his who life. He has had asthma, so i find the controlled cry thing dosen`t help him. he has a dummy only for sleeping should I try to get rid of it he is also quite tall, not sure if I should put a matress on the floor with rails around it? He seems to go bump in the night. I pat his back and put a cd on to get him back to sleep but this is taking longer and he may still wake 3 hrs later. Any answers???

Answer: Hi, The most important thing is that you settle him awake into his cot at night initially so he learns to sleep independently Controlled comforting is not for everyone and a very hard program to follow but so long as you know that he needs to fall asleep on his own so when he wakes on his light sleep later (as we all do) that he will know how to resettle himself At present he requires your comfort to return to sleep. Unfortunately I don`t have an eay fix method for you. He may also be waking for the dummy and if this is os best to try to get rid of it. Cheers Maree
Answered: 01 Nov 2007