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I don`t feel its safe to wrap him any more

Hi Maree, my son Xavier is 5 1/2 months old and while hes always been reasonably good at sleeping (both day and night) im now hitting a wall a bit. Ive been following the tips on this website about how to settle him but now that he`s rolling (and man hes a very very busy boy)i dont feel its safe to wrap him any more.
I bought a grobag and on the mums at mothers groups advice, started by trying the day sleeps. Yesterday he settled ok but then i couldnt resettle him at 40min (even though when wrapped this is usually just a matter of putting his dummy back in). The 3 sleeps for the day yesterday all went pretty well the same. Today however he only slept 20min and though ive perservered for the next hour i couldnt get him to stop roaring - there was just no way he was going to settle.
He has ridiculously frantic hands that even when wrapped are a handful and i have no idea how to get out of the wrap and into the bag. He also does huge numbers of the `oops im just falling off a cliff` startles in his 2nd 40min of sleep too... will he grow out of that?
Thanks in advance for your advice,
Clare Wilson

Answer: Hi Clare, We don`t recommend wrapping after 3 months and the sleeping bag is good and recommended by SIDS foundation. He may be ready for 2 sleeps now so be guided by tired signs. Don`t make a battle out of the day nap and if he won`t resettle after 15 mins of trying get him up and try again later. Our settling techniques offer a clear message that it`s time to sleep and can help a baby when making changes in a sleeping routine but need to be followed fairly precisely to implement change quickly. Cheers Maree
Answered: 01 Nov 2007