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Should she still be wrapped?

Hi Maree, My little girl is just going on to 12 weeks old and we have just put her into cot for the first night sleep from the bassinett. We have been wrapping her while she has been in the bassinett which worked okay being a small area but now she is getting bigger and the cot is wider she gets her arms out which i believe is what has woken her out of sleep .... Should she still be wrapped ?? Do i just have to wait till she gets use to her arms around her?? Cheers Del

Answer: Hi Del, We don`t recommend wrapping after 3 months and with Summer coming on and she is becoming more active now is a great time to remove the wrap. You could try our settling techniques (see link at top of page) they are all hands on and no leaving baby at this age. They will teach her to sleep independently. Cheers, Maree
Answered: 15 Nov 2007