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Here's a list of names starting with b.

Baby names starting with b

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Gender Name List Origin
boy Bramwell English
boy Brand German, English, Swedish
girl Branda English
girl Brandais Dutch
boy Brandan Celtic, English
boy Branddun English
girl Brandee English
boy Brandeis German
boy Brandeles Arthurian Legend
boy Brandelis Arthurian Legend
girl Brandelyn English
boy Branden Celtic/Gaelic
girl Brandi Old English
girl Brandice American
girl Brandie American
girl Brandilyn English
boy Brandin English
boy Brandon Old English
boy Brandubh Irish
boy Branduff Irish
girl Brandy American
girl Brandyce English
boy Brandyn English
girl Brangaine Celtic
boy Branhard English
boy Brannan Irish
boy Brannen Irish
boy Branor Arthurian Legend
boy Branton English
boy Brantson English
girl Branwen Celtic
girl Branwyn Arthurian Legend
boy Braw)eigh English
boy Brawley English
boy Braxton Anglo Saxon
boy Bray Old English
boy Brayden Old English
boy Braydon English
boy Brayton English
boy Brazil Celtic
girl Brea Celtic
girl Breandan Irish
boy Brecc Anglo Saxon
boy Bredbeddle Arthurian Legend
unisex Brede Polish
girl Breena Irish
girl Breezy Spanish
boy Brehus Arthurian Legend
boy Brein Irish
girl Breinna Irish
boy Brencis Latin
unisex Brend Celtic/Gaelic
girl Brenda German, Irish, English
girl Brendalynn Irish
boy Brendan German, Irish, Celtic
boy Brenden Irish
girl Brendolyn Irish
boy Brendt Celtic, English
boy Brenius Arthurian Legend
girl Brenna German, Irish, English
boy Brennan Irish, Celtic, English
boy Brennus Arthurian Legend
boy Brent English
boy Brentan English
boy Brenten Celtic
boy Brentley Celtic, English
boy Brently Celtic
boy Brenton Celtic
boy Breri Arthurian Legend
boy Bret French
boy Brett Celtic, Old English
girl Bretta Celtic
girl Brettany English
girl Brette Celtic
boy Bretton Scottish
boy Breuse Arthurian Legend
girl Bria Irish
girl Briana Gaelic
girl Briann Celtic
girl Brianna Gaelic
girl Briannah Celtic
girl Briannon Celtic
boy Briant Celtic
girl Briar French, English
unisex Brice Celtic
boy Brick English
boy Bricriu Celtic
boy Bridger English
girl Bridget Celtic
girl Bridgett Celtic
girl Bridgette Celtic
girl Bridgid Celtic
girl Bridgit Celtic/Gaelic
girl Brie French, Irish
girl Brie-ann Gaelic
girl Brielle French, Irish
boy Brien Celtic
girl Brienna French, Celtic
girl Brienne Celtic
girl Brigantia Anglo Saxon