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Songs about Simon

Title Artist
Burn Rubber (Simon Joyner cover) Bright Eyes
Fast Car (Feat. Paul Simon) Wyclef Jean
Son Of A Gun(feat. Carli Simon) Janet Jackson
Carly Simon Groovie Ghoulies
The Ballad Of Simon And Constance Far
Graceland (Paul Simon cover) Grizzly Bear
All Clockwork And No Bodily Fluids Makes Hal A Dull Metal Humbert/In Heaven Every Elephant Baby Wants To Be So Full Of Sting/Paul Simon In The Park With Canticle/But You Can't Pick Your Friends/Vacuum Genesis/DEFMACROS HOWSOMETH INGDOTIME SALENGTHS OMETHI Game Theory
Joy Division (Simon Joyner cover) Bright Eyes
Luna de Margarita (Simon Diaz cover) Devendra Banhart
Paul Simon Russian Futurists, The