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Here's a list of girl names starting with d. Naming your new baby girl is an important choice that stays with your daughter throughout her entire life. Baby girl names come in all shapes and sizes, from vintage names of the past to names rich with special meaning. We've gathered lists of unique and popular baby girl names, along with their origins and meanings to help you find the perfect baby girls name. Whatever you are trying to decide on, just follow your heart, be creative, and open your mind to the many selections available out there. It pays to get good advice from family and friends, too, so join Huggies to share your saved lists.

Baby girl names starting with d

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Gender Name List Origin
girl Diera Anglo Saxon
girl Dierdra Celtic/Gaelic
girl Dierdre Celtic
girl Dillian Latin
girl Dimaia American
girl Dina Hebrew
girl Dinah Hebrew
girl Dinora Hebrew
girl Dinorah Hebrew
girl Diona English
girl Diondra English
girl Dione Greek
girl Dionis Spanish
girl Dionisa Spanish
girl Dionne Greek
girl Disa English
girl Dita Czech
girl Divone Celtic
girl Divya Hindu
girl Diya Islamic
girl Doanna English
girl Doba Native American
girl Dodie Hebrew
girl Doli Native American
girl Dollie English
girl Dolly English
girl Dolorita Spanish
girl Domenica Spanish
girl Domenique French
girl Dominga Spanish
girl Dominica Latin
girl Dominika Russian
girl Dominique French
girl Domonique French
girl Donalda Scottish
girl Donata Italian
girl Donatella Italian
girl Donella Celtic
girl Donelle Celtic/Gaelic
girl Donita Italian
girl Donnag Scottish
girl Donoma Native American
girl Doon Irish
girl Dooriya English
girl Dorbeta Spanish
girl Dorcas Greek
girl Dorcey English
girl Dore Greek
girl Doreen Greek, French, Gaelic
girl Dori French
girl Doria Greek
girl Dorie American
girl Dorinda Spanish, Greek
girl Doris Greek
girl Dorit Hawaiian
girl Doro English
girl Dorote Basque
girl Dorotea Spanish
girl Doroteia Spanish
girl Doroteya Russian
girl Dorotha English
girl Dorothea Greek
girl Dorothee English
girl Dorothy Greek
girl Dortha English
girl Dot English
girl Dottie English
girl Dotty Greek
girl Dowanhowee Native American
girl Dreama Greek
girl Dreena Spanish
girl Drina Spanish
girl Drisana Hindu
girl Drusilla Greek
girl Duaa Arabic
girl Duana Irish
girl Duayna Irish
girl Dubheasa Irish
girl Duena Spanish
girl Dulcibella Latin
girl Dustine German, English
girl Duvessa Irish
girl Duyen Vietnamese
girl Dyan Latin
girl Dyanne Latin
girl Dyfi Welsh
girl Dymphna Gaelic
girl Dympna Celtic/Gaelic
girl Dynah Hebrew
girl Dynasty Latin