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Here's a list of girl names starting with v. Naming your new baby girl is an important choice that stays with your daughter throughout her entire life. Baby girl names come in all shapes and sizes, from vintage names of the past to names rich with special meaning. We've gathered lists of unique and popular baby girl names, along with their origins and meanings to help you find the perfect baby girls name. Whatever you are trying to decide on, just follow your heart, be creative, and open your mind to the many selections available out there. It pays to get good advice from family and friends, too, so join Huggies to share your saved lists.

Baby girl names starting with v

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Gender Name List Origin
girl Vaile Old French
girl Valborg German, Swedish
girl Valborga German
girl Valda Teutonic
girl Valde Teutonic
girl Valeda Latin
girl Valence Latin
girl Valencia Latin
girl Valene Latin, Spanish
girl Valentina Latin, Spanish
girl Valenzia Latin
girl Valera Latin, French, English
girl Valere Latin, French, English
girl Valerie English
girl Valese Polish
girl Valeska Polish
girl Valida Teutonic
girl Valisa Scandinavian
girl Valona Latin
girl Valonia Latin
girl Vana English
girl Vanesa Spanish
girl Vanessa Greek, Hebrew
girl Vanetta English
girl Vania Hebrew, Russian
girl Vanina Russian
girl Vanna Hebrew, Russian
girl Vannora Welsh, Scottish
girl Vanora Welsh, Scottish
girl Vanya Hebrew, Russian
girl Varda Greek, Hebrew
girl Varuni Hindu
girl Veda Sanskrit
girl Vedetta French
girl Vedette French
girl Vega Arabic
girl Velda English
girl Veleda Teutonic
girl Velma German
girl Venecia Italian
girl Venessa Greek, Hebrew
girl Venetia Italian, Celtic
girl Ventura Spanish
girl Vera Latin, Slavic
girl Verda Latin
girl Verena Latin, Slavic
girl Verene German
girl Verina German
girl Verity Hebrew
girl Veronica Hebrew
girl Vesna Greek, Croatian
girl Vesta Latin, Spanish
girl Vevay Welsh
girl Vevila Irish
girl Vevina Latin, Irish
girl Vi English
girl Vica Hungarian
girl Vicki Latin
girl Vicky Latin, English
girl Victoriana Latin
girl Victorina French
girl Victorine French
girl Vidonia Latin
girl Vidya Latin
girl Vienna Latin
girl Vignetta French
girl Vignette French
girl Viheke German
girl Vika Scottish
girl Vilhelma German
girl Villetta French
girl Villette French
girl Vina Spanish
girl Vinaya Hindu
girl Violet Latin, English
girl Violetta French
girl Viollette French
girl Virgena English
girl Virginia Latin, Spanish, English
girl Viridis Latin
girl Vita Latin
girl Vitka Latin
girl Viv English
girl Viveka German
girl Viviana English
girl Viviane French
girl Vivianna English
girl Vivianne English
girl Vivien French
girl Vivienne French
girl Voleta Greek, French
girl Von German
girl Vonna French
girl Vorsila Greek
girl Vrinda Hindu