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Baby girl names

Here's a list of girl names. Naming your new baby girl is an important choice that stays with your daughter throughout her entire life. Baby girl names come in all shapes and sizes, from vintage names of the past to names rich with special meaning. We've gathered lists of unique and popular baby girl names, along with their origins and meanings to help you find the perfect baby girls name. Whatever you are trying to decide on, just follow your heart, be creative, and open your mind to the many selections available out there. It pays to get good advice from family and friends, too, so join Huggies to share your saved lists.

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Gender Name List Origin
girl Zaylee Australian
girl Zayna Arabic
girl Zaynah Arabic
girl Zaza Hebrew, Arabic
girl Zdenka Czech
girl Zea Latin, Hebrew, Arabic
girl Zealand
girl Zeanes Hebrew
girl Zebina Greek
girl Zee Hebrew
girl Zehava Hebrew
girl Zehave Hebrew
girl Zehavi Hebrew
girl Zehavit Hebrew
girl Zehira Hebrew
girl Zehuva Hebrew
girl Zeitia Gaelic
girl Zelda German
girl Zelene English
girl Zelenka Czech
girl Zelia Spanish, Greek
girl Zelina Latin, Spanish
girl Zelinda Old German
girl Zella
girl Zelma German, English
girl Zelpha Hebrew
girl Zemil Hebrew
girl Zemirah Hebrew
girl Zemora Hebrew
girl Zena Greek
girl Zenaide Greek
girl Zenda Persian
girl Zenevieva Celtic
girl Zenia Greek
girl Zenobia Arabic
girl Zera Greek, Hebrew
girl Zeraim Hebrew
girl Zerdali Turkish
girl Zerlina Latin, Spanish
girl Zerlinda Hebrew
girl Zerrin Turkish
girl Zeruah Hebrew
girl Zeta Portuguese
girl Zetta Portuguese
girl Zeva Greek
girl Zevida Hebrew
girl Zeynep Turkish
girl Zhalore Hebrew
girl Zhen Chinese
girl Zia Latin, Hebrew, Arabic
girl Ziahon Latin, Hebrew, Arabic
girl Ziazan Armenian
girl Zibia Hebrew
girl Zibiah Hebrew
girl Zigana Hungarian
girl Zihna Native American
girl Zila Hebrew
girl Zilla Hebrew
girl Zillah Hebrew
girl Zilli
girl Zilya Russian
girl Zimria Hebrew
girl Zina English, African
girl Zinaida Greek
girl Zinerva Celtic
girl Zinnia German, English
girl Ziona Hebrew
girl Zippora Hebrew
girl Zipporah Hebrew
girl Zisel Hebrew
girl Zita Spanish, Hebrew, Persian
girl Zitkala Native American
girl Ziva Hebrew
girl Zizi Hungarian
girl Zoe Greek, Czech
girl Zofia Spanish
girl Zoheret Hebrew
girl Zoila Arabic
girl Zola Italian, Arabic
girl Zoleen Latin
girl Zona Latin
girl Zora Greek, Slavic
girl Zosima Greek
girl Zotia Polish
girl Zoya Greek
girl Zsa zsa Hungarian
girl Zula Hebrew
girl Zuleika Arabic
girl Zulima Hebrew, Arabic
girl Zuri French
girl Zuria French
girl Zuriaa French
girl Zurie French
girl Zurina Spanish
girl Zurine Spanish
girl Zuza Czech