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Here's a list of names starting with m.

Baby names starting with m

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Gender Name List Origin
girl Mine Japanese
girl Minerva Greek
boy Mingan Native American
girl Mingmei Chinese
girl Minka Teutonic
girl Minna Hebrew, Scottish, Old German
girl Minnie German
boy Miquel French
girl Mira Latin, Spanish, French, Hebrew
girl Mirabelle Latin, Spanish
girl Miranda Latin, Spanish, Hebrew
girl Miriam Hebrew
boy Miron Hebrew
girl Misako Japanese
girl Mischa Russian
girl Misha Russian
boy Misi Hebrew
boy Miska Hebrew
girl Missy Old English
girl Misty Old English
boy Misu Native American
boy Mitcbel English
boy Mitch English
boy Mitchel English
boy Mitchell English
girl Mitena Native American
girl Mitexi Native American
girl Mitsuko Japanese
girl Miyoko Japanese
boy Mladen Slavic
boy Mochni Native American
girl Modestus Latin
girl Modesty Latin
boy Mogue Irish
boy Mohamad Arabic
boy Mohamed Arabic
boy Mohamet Arabic
boy Mohammad Arabic
boy Mohammed Arabic
girl Mohini Hindu
girl Moira Celtic
boy Moises Spanish
boy Mojag Native American
boy Molan Irish
boy Molimo Native American
girl Mollie Irish
boy Molloy Irish
girl Molly Irish
girl Momoko Japanese
girl Mona Latin, Greek, Italian, Gaelic
girl Monica Latin
girl Monique French
boy Monroe Celtic
boy Montae Spanish
unisex Montague French
boy Montaigu French
boy Montay Spanish
boy Montel Spanish
boy Montes Spanish
boy Montez Spanish
boy Montgomery French
boy Montie English
boy Montrel Spanish
boy Montrell Spanish
boy Monty English
boy Moor French
boy Moore French
boy Mordrain Old English
boy Moreland English
boy Moreley English
boy Morell French
unisex Morgan German, Gaelic, Celtic, Welsh
girl Morgance Celtic
girl Morgandy Celtic
girl Morgen German, Gaelic, Welsh
girl Moria Hebrew
boy Moriarty Irish
boy Morland English
boy Morley English
boy Morrie English
boy Morris Latin
boy Morrisey English
boy Morrison English
boy Morrissey Irish
boy Morse English
boy Mortimer French
boy Morton English
boy Morven Old English
girl Moselle Hebrew
boy Moses Hebrew
boy Moshe Hebrew
boy Mosheh Hebrew
boy Moss English
boy Motega Native American
boy Moukib Arabic
boy Moulton English
boy Muhammad Arabic
boy Muhammed Arabic
boy Muir Scottish
boy Mukasa Ugandan