Most popular girls names for October 2011

Girls Baby Names
Find all the most popular girls baby names in Australia for October followed by comma - eg May, 2011. Choosing a name for your new baby can be easy, if of course the new mum and dad to be can agree on the baby name in the first place. If not, Huggies has compiled a list of the top 100 baby girls names for October followed by comma - eg May, 2011 so you can see what's popular and what's not. If you are not sure what sex your new baby is then we suggest checking out our popular baby girls names page and our popular baby boys names page. We have lists of the popular baby names from the past few years, and lists of the top 100 baby names of all time. Once you have found your favourite popular baby name then then join Huggies to share your baby name lists with friends and family.

october 2011's most popular girls names

Gender Name List Origin
girl Elana Greek
girl Eleni Greek
girl Elin Scandinavian
girl Elissa Greek, French
girl Elita French
girl Elizeabeth Scottish
girl Ellen Greek, Hebrew
girl Elly English
girl Elodie Greek
girl Elsa Anglo Saxon
girl Elsy Hebrew, Gaelic
girl Elwyn Welsh
girl Esta Italian, Anglo Saxon
girl Estella Latin, Greek
girl Ester Hebrew
girl Evelyne English
girl Fawn Latin, English
girl Felice French
girl Felicia Latin, French
girl Fern English, Old English
girl Frances Teutonic
girl Genevive French
girl Giulia Italian
girl Gladys Latin, Welsh
girl Gustel German
girl Hailee English
girl Halley English
girl Hallie Greek, English
girl Halo Greek
girl Harriette French
girl Hattie Teutonic
girl Hayleigh English
girl Hei Korean
girl Heide German
girl Henrietta Teutonic
girl Hilary Latin, English
girl Indya English
girl Ivanka Bulgarian
girl Izabella Hebrew
girl Izzy English
girl Jady English
girl Jadyn Hebrew
girl Jahzara African
girl Jakobie German
girl Jamee French, Hebrew
girl Jamielee Scottish
girl Janice Hebrew
girl Jasmin French
girl Jasmyne Arabic
girl Jaxine English
girl Jaycee English
girl Jayde English
girl Jaymee Scottish
girl Jaymie Scottish
girl Jayna English
girl Jemimah Arabic
girl Jennifer English
girl Jessie Hebrew
girl Jill English
girl Jimena Spanish
girl Jocelynn English
girl Joia English
girl Jorcina English
girl Joyce Latin, English
girl Julie English
girl Juliet French
girl Juliette French
girl Kaelin Gaelic
girl Kaesha English
girl Kahli English
girl Kaia Greek
girl Kailee English
girl Kaitlin Irish
girl Kaiya Japanese
girl Kala Arabic, Hindu
girl Kallie Irish
girl Kara Latin
girl Karen English
girl Katelin French
girl Kayley German
girl Keiko Japanese
girl Krista English
girl Kylie Aboriginal
girl Lana English
girl Lani Hawaiian
girl Latoya Spanish
girl Leena Irish
girl Lela French
girl Lena Latin, Greek, Norwegian
girl Leona
girl Levina Latin
girl Leyla Arabic
girl Leyna Old German
girl Lilac English
girl Lilian English
girl Lilith Hebrew
girl Lisa Hebrew
girl Lisbeth English
girl Livia English
girl Lolita Spanish