Most popular boys names for February 2012

Boys Baby Names
Find all the most popular boys baby names in Australia for February followed by comma - eg May, 2012. Choosing a name for your new baby can be easy, if of course the new mum and dad to be can agree on the baby name in the first place. If not, Huggies has compiled a list of the top 100 baby boys names for February followed by comma - eg May, 2012 so you can see what's popular and what's not. If you are not sure what sex your new baby is then we suggest checking out our popular baby girls names page and our popular baby boys names page. We have lists of the popular baby names from the past few years, and lists of the top 100 baby names of all time. Once you have found your favourite popular baby name then then join Huggies to share your baby name lists with friends and family.

february 2012's most popular boys names

Gender Name List Origin
boy Elisheva Hebrew
boy Elmo
boy Elwood English
boy Emanuel Hebrew
boy Emile French
boy Emmanuel Hebrew
boy Emo German
boy Enrico
boy Enrique Spanish
boy Enzo
boy Ephraim Hebrew
boy Erich German
boy Esequiel Spanish
boy Evagelos Greek
boy Everly English
boy Everton English
boy Ezeckiel English
boy Fabien French, English
boy Fagan Irish, English
boy Falicia Latin
boy Favian Latin
boy Feddie
boy Fergus Celtic, Scottish
boy Filbert English
boy Findlay Celtic/Gaelic
boy Fingall English
boy Finley Celtic/Gaelic
boy Finnegan Irish
boy Finnin Irish
boy Fitzwilliam Celtic/Gaelic
boy Flavian Greek
boy Flinn Irish
boy Flint English
boy Fonzie German
boy Fox English
boy Frank French, English
boy Franklin English
boy Frasier Scottish
boy Frazer Scottish
boy Fred German
boy Freddie German
boy Freddo
boy Frimunt German
boy Fritz German
boy Ga!l Irish
boy Gabe Hebrew
boy Gabirel Basque
boy Gabrielo Hebrew
boy Garet English
boy Gareth Anglo Saxon, Arthurian Legend
boy Garett English
boy Garion French, German
boy Garrett Anglo Saxon
boy Garrick German, English
boy Garridan English Gypsy
boy Garrison German, English
boy Garth English
boy Garwin English
boy Gascon French
boy Gavriel Hebrew
boy Gian Hebrew
boy Gilbert French, German, English
boy Giollabrighde Irish
boy Giollabuidhe Irish
boy Gladwin English
boy Glenn Celtic
boy Gordon Anglo Saxon
boy Graden English
boy Graysen English
boy Greg English
boy Greig English
boy Guillaume French
boy Gunnar Scandinavian
boy Guy French, Hebrew, Celtic, English
boy Gwern Celtic
boy Hackett German
boy Haines Teutonic
boy Hajime Japanese
boy Halburt English
boy Halton English
boy Hank German
boy Hans Hebrew
boy Hanson
boy Harleigh English
boy Haven English
boy Hector Latin, Greek
boy Hedley English
boy Heith
boy Henri French
boy Henrik German
boy Hewson English
boy Hirum Hebrew
boy Hoai Vietnamese
boy Hoang Vietnamese
boy Hoh German
boy How German
boy Howard German, English
boy Huxford English
boy Hweolere English
boy Iakovos Hebrew