Most popular boys names in week 1 of September 2012

Boys Baby Names
Find all the most popular boys baby names in Australia for Week 1, September, 2012. Choosing a name for your new baby can be easy, if of course the new mum and dad to be can agree on the baby name in the first place. If not, Huggies has compiled a list of the top 100 baby boys names for Week 1, September, 2012 so you can see what's popular and what's not. If you are not sure what sex your new baby is then we suggest checking out our popular baby girls names page and our popular baby boys names page. We have lists of the popular baby names from the past few years, and lists of the top 100 baby names of all time. Once you have found your favourite popular baby name then then join Huggies to share your baby name lists with friends and family.

Week 1 of september 2012's most popular boys names

Gender Name List Origin
boy Boothe English
boy Bors Arthurian Legend
boy Brad English
boy Bradbournem bradburn
boy Braddon English
boy Bradley Old English
boy Bradon English
boy Braeden Celtic/Gaelic
boy Braedon English
boy Bray Old English
boy Brayden Old English
boy Brinley Old English
boy Broc English, Scottish
boy Brock English
boy Brody Gaelic
boy Bronson Old English
boy Bryson Welsh
boy Buckley Old English
boy Burhan Arabic
boy Cadan
boy Cadby English
boy Cade
boy Cadeyrn Welsh
boy Caelan Scottish
boy Calder Old English
boy Calen English
boy Calixto Latin
boy Callum Irish
boy Calvert Old English
boy Camron Scottish
boy Carlo
boy Carlos Spanish
boy Carlton Old English
boy Carter Old English
boy Cayle English
boy Charley English
boy Charlton English
boy Charly English
boy Chayce English
boy Chayne French
boy Chester Latin, Old English
boy Cheval French
boy Ciaran Irish
boy Clayton English
boy Clinton Old English
boy Codi English
boy Coen German
boy Colman English
boy Coltere English
boy Conner Celtic
boy Corban Greek
boy Corbett Latin
boy Corbin Latin
boy Cretien French
boy Curtis German
boy Cuthbert Anglo Saxon
boy Cyneley English
boy Cyrill English
boy Cyrus Persian
boy Dain English
boy Dane Old English
boy Darren Gaelic, Old English
boy Darwyn English
boy Daryl French
boy Dashiell French
boy Dayne French, English
boy Deacon Greek, English
boy Deakin English
boy Dean Latin, French, Old English
boy Dedric German
boy Denby Anglo Saxon
boy Denzel African American
boy Dickson English
boy Donne English
boy Donovan Irish, Celtic
boy Dorrell English
boy Dragon American
boy Duff Celtic, Scottish
boy Eagan Irish
boy Eagon Irish
boy Eallard English
boy Eddison Anglo Saxon
boy Edlin German
boy Edward German, Anglo Saxon
boy Egan Gaelic, Celtic
boy Egon German, Irish
boy Eibhear English
boy Elias Spanish, Hebrew
boy Eliazar Spanish
boy Ellery Latin, German
boy Elliott Hebrew
boy Eloy Spanish, French, German
boy Elston English
boy Emanuel Hebrew
boy Emo German
boy Eoin Gaelic
boy Eryl Welsh
boy Esra Hebrew
boy Esrlson English
boy Essien African