Geography names

Geography Baby Names
Do you have a favourite city or country? Or a place that holds precious memories for you? Here are a list of cities, states and countries that could inspire the name of your child.

Names from Geography

Gender Name List Origin
boy Kent Old English
girl Kerry English
girl Kimberly English
boy Kingston English
boy Knox English
boy Kush Hindu
unisex Kyle Gaelic, Scottish
boy Lakeland Irish
boy Langley French, English
girl Lara Latin
boy Leith Scottish
boy Leland Old English
girl Lena Latin, Greek, Norwegian
boy Leon French
unisex Leslie Celtic, Scottish
girl Lilith Hebrew
boy Lincoln Old English
unisex Lindsay Scottish
boy Logan Scottish
boy London English
girl Lorelei Teutonic
girl Lorna English
girl Lorraine French
girl Lourdes Spanish, French
boy Macon Middle English
boy Macy Old English, Old French
girl Madeira Spanish
girl Madeline Hebrew
unisex Madison German, English, Old English
girl Mali Arabic, Hawaiian
unisex Mallory French, German
girl Mariana Spanish
girl Mariel Hebrew
boy Melbourne English
girl Memphis American
girl Messina Latin
boy Mitchell English
unisex Morgan German, Gaelic, Celtic, Welsh
girl Nancy Hebrew, English
unisex Nevada Latin, Spanish
boy Newton English
unisex Nova Latin, Greek
girl Odessa Greek
girl Olinda Spanish, German
girl Olympia Greek, French
boy Orlando Spanish
boy Oxford English
unisex Paris French
boy Parrish English
boy Paxton English
boy Phoenix Greek
unisex Quenby Scandinavian
boy Raleigh Old English
boy Reno Spanish
boy Rome Spanish, French, Italian
boy Ross Scottish, Anglo Saxon
girl Sahara Arabic
girl Savannah Spanish
girl Selma Celtic, Arabic, Scandinavian
unisex Shannon Irish
girl Sharon Hebrew
boy Shelton English
unisex Shiloh Hebrew
girl Shirley English
boy Sidney English
girl Sierra Spanish, Irish
unisex Skye English, Arabic, Dutch
unisex Sydney French, English
boy Trenton English
unisex Troy French, English
boy Tyree Scottish
girl Valencia Latin
girl Venetia Italian, Celtic
girl Vienna Latin
girl Virginia Latin, Spanish, English
boy Washington Old English
unisex Whitley English
girl Winona Native American
boy York Celtic, English
boy Zion Hebrew
girl Zola Italian, Arabic