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Waiting for labour

Waiting for labour

As I write this I am eagerly awaiting the news that I am a proud auntie again. I may have mentioned before but I absolutely love babies. And newborn babies just send me into raptures of joy. I have been driving my poor sister in law insane, even though she is too polite to say so with phone calls. The phone calls are allegedly to check up on the weather where she is, or to compare notes on our little ones, but the truth is, like the rest of my family we just want to know when she’s gone into labour.

Yesterday, she maintained a strict radio silence, which of course sent the rest of us into a frenzy of speculation about what was happening. In actual fact she was just taking a much needed break from the rest of us and our incessant concern.

The time spent waiting to go into labour are possibly the longest ones in the world. With my eldest I remember going into hibernation. I simply didn’t want to talk to anyone. The only way I was comfortable communicating with anyone apart from my husband and mum was by text. For someone likes me who loves to talk this was completely alien behaviour. I still wonder if it was nature’s way of getting me to hunker down and focus on the huge change that was about to occur in my life.

My second and third offspring were both scheduled c-sections so for some reason because the dates were booked in I was chatty right the way up to being wheeled to theatre. I talked on the phone to friends and we excitedly talked about what the sex of the baby might be and how much they would weigh, all of which were complete unknowns.

So right now it’s just a waiting game. For my sister in law and the rest of us. How did you cope in the days leading up to birth? Did you hibernate or did you keep yourself as busy as possible?


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Avatar RhiannonA

Ha ha being overdue u went camping ha ha funny looking back if I had gone into labour although being from a smaller city and camping not too far away wasn't too worried. Was good to get away though from all the annoying msgs or eagerly anticipating friends and family

Posted 01 March 2011 - 10:19 AM

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