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Avatar Nicki75
Any advice on what to do before trying for VBAC?

I had a non elective ceasrean 18 months ago due to many reasons. Waters broken for almost 48 hours, babies heartrate was high and my blood pressure was low. I am aiming for a VBAC this time, however any advice on things to do on the lead up to the birth? I am 22 weeks pregnant now.

Answer: Hi, It is really good to try to plan for what may lie ahead with your next labour and birth. It is good to try to be as fit and well as possible so that your body is prepared for labour and birth. Talk to your midwife about the labour and birth and what may occur. Ask how long they will let you go overdue? How long they will let you labour before thinking of another caesarean? Aks if they will acommodate your requests such as waiting for natural labour to establish. If you know as much as possible beforehand you will be more prepared and feel more at ease. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 23 Jun 2010