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Avatar New2oz
Spd and elective cesarean

I have just found out im pregant with #5, my last 2 pregnancies were in NZ and now we have moved to Australia and i got SPD bad, couldnt drive or hardly walk. I had tried the chiro, accupunture, the belt crutches and nothing helped or eased the pain. In the end i had to get prescribe codine just so i could sleep at night as the pain was unbearable. I got induced both times a few days before EED but thia time i want to have cesarean as the pain got worse during labour and the nurse were still making me move around etc. What are my chance of getting an cesarean?

Answer: Hi, You need to talk to your maternity unit about your care. If you are experiencing a lot of difficulties usually a decision will be made about your care. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 Nov 2011