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Please offer your Thoughts, Opinions, Experiences with HomeBirth.

I am 33 weeks preganant with my 2nd baby. My first is just under 2 years old. I am 27. I had a 6 hour active labour for the first baby (waters broke 9 hours before she came), with only 15 minutes of pushing. No complications except stitches, and the injection because of my blood loss (can't remember the name, is it syntocin?), also micconium(spelling!?) was present in waters, but baby never showed signs of distress. I am thinking about a homebirth. I am not at all a hippy-dippy type of chick, am not opposed to drugs (although obviously its great if you can do it without them!), and have no issues with hospitals. It is just something I have been thinking about as (and this probably sounds insane) I have this overwhelming feeling that whatever I choose baby is going to be born at home! I would love to hear a range of thoughts, professional and personal opinions, and experiences to help me in my decision making. Also important to note is that we are Pasifika and will be keeping the placenta.

Answer: Hi, It is great that you are exploring all of your birth options. Homebirth is a choice for women in Australia and can work well for women that plan well ahead for their birth. You are able to develop a relationship with your chosen midwife and they also are able to really get to know you and your family. There is also the added benefit of not having to disturb the older sibling if your labour and birth occurs at night. There are many homebirth websites that can provide more information and find midwives working in your area. Best wishes, Alex
Answered: 22 Nov 2011