No matter how
you do it...

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Be comfortable in your own skin

No one knows your bub the way you do…

But, now more than ever before, it seems everyone has their say on how you parent your baby.

Whether it be from friends, the in-laws, a random stranger on the train, or even from ourselves, 'parent-shaming’ is on the rise in everyday life.

Despite all this judgement – you know what’s best for your baby, so trust you are doing it right.

If in doubt, be reassured by the ones who matter most…

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Let’s turn parent shaming to parent faming!

Isn’t it time we lifted parents up, instead of putting them down?

Huggies is rallying to put an end to parent shaming, so all Mums and Dads can Be Comfortable In Their Skin.

We’re celebrating all parenting styles and featuring a range of real Aussie families, promising to fame not shame, to spark joy not judgement and to champion not criticise. .

So no matter how you parent, as long as your bub is happy and healthy you can be comfortable in your skin, and let Huggies deliver the best care and comfort for your baby's skin.

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Together we will... Fame not shame

#Parentfaming with Snezana Wood

Being in the public eye Snezana has experienced her fair share of parent shamers. This Super mama has joined up with Huggies to put an end to the parent shaming and share her parent experiences

What do you love most about being a Mum?

I love everything about being a Mum. Watching them grow as their little personalities form. Watching them through each phase of their lives, learning to walk, talk, and trying new things. Seeing the looks on their little faces when they accomplish something and the pure excitement in their eyes. I truly do love everything, even the hard parts about being a parent.

When have you felt judged as a parent and how did that effect you?

I have felt judged as a parent at many different times during my journey raising three bubs. One that stuck with me most, was when I was asked by another group of Mums how long I’d breastfed Eve for. When I told them that it had been two years, I got so many strange looks and shocked answers of ’oh my goodness, no you didn’t!’ and ’why in the world would you breastfeed for so long?’ as it was deemed taboo to breastfeed for that long. Initially I was taken aback by how disgusted they were, but I breastfed for two years because that was what she needed. I took care of my baby the best I could, the way I knew she needed to be looked after.

What’s your advice for other parents to overcome shaming behaviours?

You’re always going to take the initial statement to heart, but just know that that person may be coming from a place of insecurity themselves. It’s okay for them to have their own opinions, but you know what’s best for your child so keep doing it your way and forget what everyone else says. I think it’s so essential to remember that each child is different, and that the pressure you can feel as a new parent is overwhelming. At the end of the day, the most important thing is your child’s health and happiness.