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Avatar Miss_...
Over a year and no luck

My husband and I have been trying for over a year with no results. We've both been tested and we're both fine. I'm 31 and he is 28. I drink a cup of coffee every day and maybe a couple of glasses of wine a week if that, sometimes more on the weekend. I've been charting me cycle/ovulation but still no luck. I'm also on par for BMI.

Anyone in the same boat? I can feel the clock ticking....

Jane ...
Answer: The general recommendation from fertility specialists is that if a fertile couple have been trying to conceive for 12 months then they need fertility assessment. Speak with your GP about getting a referral to a fertility specialist. If age is an issue for you both then you probably need to do this sooner rather than later. And I'd suggest you also read the Huggies conception articles for more comprehensive information and guidance. Best Jane
Answered: 07 Dec 2013