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Avatar Shann...
When did I conceive?

I had unprotected sex lost my virginity on the 6th of January and then had unprotected sex again on the 13th of January with my partner we split up and I had a one night Stand 2 weeks later on the 27th of January but I can't remember when my last period was I'm 21 weeks due October 20th when do you think I've conceived the 6th 13th or 27th? I'm confused with dates stuff and obviously wondering if it's my ex partners or if it's the one night stand I had?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, You're likely to have conceived around the 3 February, if the dates you've provided are correct. However, there's lots of factors which need to be considered. Conception is not exact, a woman's cycle, the health of the sperm all play a part. I suggest you speak with your maternity care provider and tell them your concerns. It's possible for the baby to have DNA testing after they're born. This is more common than many people realise, you're not the only woman who's had this confusion, believe me. It can be a confusing process and it's important you're not alone. Ask a supportive family member or friend if you need help and support. Best wishes, Jane
Answered: 17 Jun 2017