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Avatar Kelly...
Irregular Periods and Ovulation

I'm 32 and have been trying to conceive baby number two for six months now. My cycle lengths are irregular and always have been but I always have the same five day period. Why are my periods irregular and does this mean I'm not ovulating?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Not necessarily, many women take a while to resume their normal menstrual cycles after having a child. Particularly if before, their cycles were irregular. If you were breastfeeding or still are, taking hormonal based contraception or even if your thyroid is not functioning normally, these could all be contributing factors. I suggest you speak with your GP and see if they can suggest any individual reasons why you're not conceiving. It would also be useful for you to check the Huggies articles on trying to conceive. Generally periods are a sign of ovulation and even if your cycles are a varying length this doesn't mean you're not ovulating. Your GP may feel that you warrant some investigations, I don't know but there's no harm in having an appt. to see. The other issue is of course, timing intercourse to coincide with your fertile "windows". And again, there's lots of general information on the Huggies site around this. Cheers Jane
Answered: 16 Sep 2017