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july 05 bubs Lock Rss

My first son kai was born on the 16/07/05 i had a long labour and many stitches please share ur strories with me


Hi Tarryn
My little man was born 18 July 2005 2 days after yours. He was a very big boy being my first, born 9lb 14oz (4.46kg). I had a very long and painful labour. First stage went about 23.5 hours and second stage (PUSHING!!!!) about 2.5 hours. Bub was spine on spine with me so I had extreme pain in my back and bum. In the end they ended up cutting me TWICE to get his huge head out (40.5cm) but about half an hour after this and he still wasn't budging one of the midwives went to call for the doctor to come in as bubs heatbeat had fallen to 70b/m. As soon as i realised where she was going and with hubby urging me on in one final push Jebs head appeared. There was noway I was have any forceps damaging my baby(thats I was thinking anyway). Even though they had cut me twice, with that final push Jebediah twist the right way out but also tore me even more past the cuts!!!!! When the doctor arrived to stitch me up he couldn't even tell me how many he put in and out! After the birth I could believe how fast I healed up considering all the damage! I now have a beautiful baby boy who turned 11 weeks old yesterday and I wouldn't trade him for the world! I just wish he would stop growing up so fast! Would love to hear back from
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