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feb 2008 babies Lock Rss

hi everybody
Just thought i would start our own baby thread, Its great to be able to chat and now our big long wait for our babies is over i really hope we can all stay in touch and share and swap info on our new babies.Its a pity we dont all live in the one state.
My bub is called Emily and she is 13 days old and im loving her to bits.I had a great labour and she was 4 kilo. Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.
yay we have our babies!!!
i had a little boy on the 18th he was just over 3 kilo i love the fact that now i dont feel so huge in this heat...
hope we get some more feb mummys and bubs in here soon
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HI Ladies!

I had my little boy on the 28th Feb (just made the cut lol) he weighed 4.109kg!! He was a big boy!! I love having him home with me grin How are your babies doing??


Hi Ladies

I had a beautiful baby girl who was born on 2nd February 2008. Her name is Jazmin and she is 6 weeks old and she is
8pounds2. She is my first child and loving every minute being a mum.I cannot describe the feeling when you see your little baby looking straight at you with their little eyes, staring up at you. I just think how amazing she is....

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hi all
congrats stefb for your new bubby, well im so tired, breastfeeding is going good baby is now 5.300kg .She is smiling all the time but she is a cry baby, i have to hold her all the time and she has lots of crying periods during the day.she got a bad nappy rash so i changed from disposibles to cloth nappies and even though its lots more work , she is much better. She also came down with a cold when she was 2 weeks so she has had a rough time but things are looking up!!!.My 2 yr old dd is very difficult at the moment, i think she has realised that the baby is STAYING FOR GOOD!!I have found that taking her out in the mornings is making things alittle better but its definatly a trying time for us.
hello to the mummas
congrats to every one, found out that bubbie has reflux and wasnt keeping enough of my breast milk down so we had to put him on reflux formula... i wasnt happy about doing it but he is much more content now (doesnt want to feed every half hour). My 3 yr old "big boy" has turned out to be quite the little helper getting nappies and even helping me put a load of washing on (too cute)
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Im still trying to get over the fact that I had a baby 3 weeks ago...seems like so much more! My little man is getting better everyday..although im finding it hard to find time to eat and shower lol But we are both learning and I think im doing a pretty good job by myself when DF is at work grin

hi all, well ive been eating too much chocolate and my poor baby has a rash on her face( im naughty)so i think i best not eat any more!

StefanieB .... im sure your doing a wonderful job,it is the hardest job in the world and im the same with showers and eating, it seems as if Emily knows when my dinner time is!! She is getting better in the night now. She used to scream for a couple of hours but now she is just attached to my boob for a while before bed. Also i think she is realising night and day.
hope all is very well for all the Feb mums and bubs, talk soon
take care
sleepless mumma,

im sorry to hear that you had to stop feeding, its great when our little ones help. My dd is 2 so she looses track of what she is helping me with sometimes but im so surprised at how gentle she is with her sister. It is hard with a toddler and newborn, i forgot! We are starting to get ourselves into a routine and things are getting better.My poor hubbie is sleeping on the futon is any body elses???
hi! my baby girl was born feb 23rd at 4:48am after 26 hours of labour.. fun fun! lol
shes a bit of work! my mother has said she never had such a sookie baby lol.. but i love my lil cry baby! most times.. lol jk! altho i will admit im having a very hard time but hmm im getting there! hard being a single mummy smile

congrats on all your bubbys!! xox

Congrats to all of you for having your bundles of joy. I gave birth to my second little girl on Feb 19.My first is 17 months old and I think she is so jealous! Shes loving throwing tantrums whenever daddy isnt here to help me! Does anyone else know how to cope with this?
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love my girlz

hey there, love my girls, i need help too,lol i have been trying to spend time with my 26 moth old when the baby is sleeping and when she does naughty things and throws tantys i warn her that i will put her in her room and if she continues i do just that, every time and it works but she still does the same things just less!I dont think they are jealous, just miss all the attention.
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