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~OCTOBER 2008~ mums & bubs Lock Rss

Good Morning,

Well I bit the bullet and have put Harry on formula, We were having trouble with him feeding on my left side and nipple was cracking and very painful, when I thought it was starting to heal it cracked again and I would cringe when I knew it was time to feed on that side. Harry has taken to the bottle very well and seems to be very content, he is still not sleeping through the night but I am sure it wont be too long now.

We went to Westfield yesterday so that I could get the boys photo taken with santa and the line up was huge so we are going to go back another day. Yesterday was his first appearance so there was families everywhere. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone.

Hope everyone is doing well.


hiya my beautiful ,fellow sleep deprived friends!
Hows everyone feeling this weekend?

Well, i have regretfully decided to put Landon on formula too today,after yet ANOTHER lousy night!!
He has started to suck all cacky on the boob,which has been causing lots of tummy aches and wind pain etc for him.

Its like hes just gulping at the breast,and u can actually hear him gasping as he swallows.
When DD had problems with this, the midwife suggested i try to lay down to feed,as my flow was too fast for her.
well, for DD it worked a treat, but unfortunately, laying down isnt helping me this time!

He has also been throwing up alot too,which i assume is a result of all the tummy aches hes getting too.He threw up like, 3 litres of milk yesturday,and the poor little guy had the hiccups for ages afterwards.Its just starting to worry me, as to how much he is actually keeping down,coz he just poos or spews it up straight away.

We have tried him on formula, and he hasnt thrown that up yet (touch wood),and he doesnt struggle so much sucking on the teat. (the first time i tried him on a bottle tho,it took him half an hour to drink 30 mls!)

I might try and express sum breast milk later,and give that to him in a bottle-and see how that goes.
Gonna just get a tin of formula tho,just incase that starts to go pear shaped i reakon!

Melanie-re: sore cracked nipples, have u tried to use nipple shields? (i assume u have already tried every cream available!!) i only mention the shields, as alot of ppl dont know they exist!
I probably wouldve given up breast feeding DD if it werent for the relief of those things!! (it was also good for me, as my left nipple was a little flat when my milk came in,and DD struggled to latch on properly!)
Just an idea anyways-who knows, u probably already tried em!

best of luck getting Harry to sleep thru the night soon too tho-i am in the same boat as u by the sounds of it!

Tricia- re: baby & toddler in same room- i haven't done it yet- but gonna have to think about doing it very soon! We only have a small 3 bedroom house at the moment,and for the time being, Landon has just been sleeping in bed with us,as its easier to feed him in bed that way.but once i put him on bottles,i'll probably want to try and get him into a routine of sleeping in his own bed. (got the cot in the loungeroom at the moment, as we have no idea where to put him yet!!)

DP thinks we put the 2 boys in together (as DS1 is 3,and is less likely to poke his eyes out just for the fun of it ,than 2 yr DD!!!)..but the thing with that is, DS1 has a smaller bedroom than DD,so i doubt there will be enuff room for the 2 of them (plus Deakans umpteen billion toys!!)

ultimately, i would just prefer to move out of this place,and get a 4 bedroom one-but that takes time and money-both of which we just DONT HAVE!!
grrrr,guess i shouldve thought about that a bit more, b4 i got knocked up eh!! ah well, we'll make it work...somehow!

re: face book-I too am on facebook.Rachel Mason. Im holding my DD in my profile pic.Just let me know ur from huggies if u add me, so i know to accept u!! smile

anyways, i better cruise now,the kids are running a total muck,and i cant even yell at them to tell them off ,as i lost my voice (boo hoo)!

hope everyone is feeling well!!!

Raych xoxoxox

Hi everyone,

Mel: I used nipple shields during my pathetic attempt at BF in the first couple of weeks and they seemed to work too. Although we used them to help her latch on not because of cracked nipples.

Raych: Will look you up on facebook next. Have pictures of Madison on there seeing as I'm too lazy to get a siggy for here yet.

Okay, here's my problem. I have mentioned it before that I have been letting Madison have a tummy sleep in her cot in the morning because she can put herself to sleep that way and she has a long sleep. Well. for the last few days she hasn't been sleeping for the rest of the day after she wakes up from that sleep. Its been quite stressful because of course by the time she has been awake for 6 hours straight she is a nightmare and then has restless nights too.

My dilemma::: Today I really wanted to persist to get her to sleep so I tried aand tried while she was on her back with no luck and then I just flipped her over to her tummy and by 15 mins later she has put herself to sleep.. I'm stressing because I think she only likes to sleep this way and before I know it I won't be able to put her down at night time without it being on her tummy and I won't do that because of SIDS guidelines and I can't watch her.

So its either stress because she won't sleep or stress because shes only sleeping on her tummy. I know its important for her to sleep rather than not sleep at all..Any ideas to help encourage her to sleep on her back?? I think she is really windy so its prob more comfortable on her tummy.. Maybe I can raise the cot to see if thats more comfortable for her or does that only work for reflux babies??

Its sooo confusing being a first time mummy!!!

Hi Everyone

Yah. DS only woke up once last night - long may it continue. It is hard to believe it was just a couple of weeks ago he was up every 2 hours.

Kris: Have you tried using one of those sleep wedges that put the baby on an angle - it helps prevent flat heads. There is usually 2 triangels - one big and one small - for just in case the baby does turn over. You could try this. It is also very portable and you can easily get the child to sleep in the middle of a big bed if you travel. My friend allowed her baby to sleep on her tummy all the time because that was the only thing that worked. In China and some European countries they also say to sleep on the tummy. If it is the only way to sleep her just invest in one of those angelcare sound and movement monitors. It is a big expense but for her sleep and your peace of mind it is probably worth it.

Raych: Will let you know how I go with the kids in the same room. Need to get DS used to a cot first so will probably set this up in my room next weekend, then give it a week before doing the big move. DD also has a tiny room so I have to move everything out of the room and just have her bed and his cot. Even then it is going to be a squeeze - but what can you do? Better at this age and they won't even care / remember. Pain in the a** though. Wish we had a 3 bedroom house.

Thanks for all the comments on facebook regardhing the kids photos. I finally sat down to figure out how to upload the photos, etc. Someone asked how old the kids are now. Sade is 23 months and Fin is almost 8 weeks old - gosh time just flies.

Anyway better go. Poor Sade - I jump on the computer instead of playing with her to get my huggies fix - but it is keeping me sane.

Have a great week.

Tricia smile

Hi Girls

How is everyone? We are all well, Laea is a dream baby she sleeps from 9pm through to 3.00-4.00am. she has a milk rash though which looks terrible, anyone else bubs getting this?

Also does anyone else swaddle bubs? Just curious to know who does and how that goes. Lara will not go to sleep unless she is swaddled.

Breast feeding is going well and she seems to be going well on it. Will find out this week when I go to the clinic for her 6 week check up.

Kris just a thought maybe try putting a heat bag on her tummy when she is lying on her back, it may just put enough pressure on it and the heat should help if it is caused by wind pains. I know when Lara hasn't done a poo for a couple of days and is grunting in pain if I put the heat bag on her tummy she sleeps much better.

Tricia we have the same dilemna. We are in a 3 bedroom house but we live with Greg's mum so effectively we are in a 2 bedroom house. Alicia's bed room is tiny and there is no way we are going to fit a cot and a bed in the same room so I think we will have to look at moving.

Ok well I have to go and mop the floors whilst Lara is asleep and Alicia is watching cartoons!

Take care everyone.

Ange xx

Thanks for the advice Tricia and Ange... Will look into the wedges and heat pack and will check out the Sound and Movement Monitors...I'm such a worrier though I prob wouldn't trust the monitor..Did everybody else stress as much with their first baby??? I feel like I can't relax ever because I don't know what she'll be doing..

Ange: Madison has a yucky milk rash too. Really hot here so that doesn't help..Pharmacist recommeded Aquious Cream...Just rub it on in bath then wipe off again.. Madi has had hers for 2 weeks now though so don't think its making too much difference..

Better go check her again as of course she is fast asleep on her tummy.. She is sooo stuck in her ways and stubborn..Gee can't wait till she's a teenager!!!

Morning Ladies
Hope everyone is fit and well and bubs are doing all the things they should.
Ive been MIA due to a cold/flu for the past 3 weeks - now DH is down with it but he gets to sleep and have drugs to help him.. the joys of being a Mum - getting to suffer thru it in silence as of course he has it 5 times worse than what I did. Ben had had tonsilitis and so has been a horror wanting non stop attention, and chris has had a nose full of crap so have been up extra times durring the night trying to suck it out to help him breathe.
We are now all on the mend so attempting today to get Chris' birth announcement cards made up and in the mail - hopefully. Had a great night the other night - he slept from 8pm to 4am - put his dummy in and he slept for another hour b4 wanting a feed at 5am - but of course Ben had a crap night and it was a once off for Chris - atleast I know he can do it tho.

We are starting plans for Christmas - looks like we will be stuck here in Qld and go back to see the family in Perth after xmas - so now we have the dilema of who we invite here - the MIL or FIL. Guessing it will be the MIL as I have a few things to say to the FIL when he gets back in 2 weeks so dont think he will be talking to me LOL.... I am looking forward to it. Selfish darling asked last week for aidan to cancel the holidays our staff have booked over christmas, as he wants to go away - he has only been at work for 2 weeks (well a few days of those 2 weeks) since June, but the prospect of being here without his new wife doesnt make him happy. The response we gave him wouldnt have made him happy LOL. We made it very clear we are not happy that DH had only 1 day (the day he was born - we had to go to work on the way home from the hospital the next day) off since Chris was born (even been working weekends)

Better go - ben wants attention - last time I ignored him yesterday a dozen eggs got cracked over the floor - it does not shampoo out of carpets easily and doesnt smell nice.

have a great day full of naps and smiles...
Hello Mummy's

All is gud here, crappy weather tho sad
Ryan is doing great, well i think today he is having a unsettled day, keeps having a broken sleep, wakes up for a little bit then nod's of again.

Ang i still swaddle ryan when we put him dwn, I think it helps him sleep and also stops him frm scratching his face.

well i dnt have anything new to report, just poped in to say hey and that we are still alive here tongue

I think i mite go an have a lay dwn, feeling rather tired today must be the weather.

Melz xxox
hi guys, just a quicky for me today,as i have loads of washing to do!

We started Landon on formula yesturday. His sucking technique on the boob was just causing too many dramas, and he was spewing alot too.
I switched to formula,and hes taken to it quite well! hes quicker to settle to sleep,he isnt spewing (a tiny spill once or twice but no where near as bad as the projectiles he was doing before!)
he slept from 10:30pm til 4am,which was awesome! thats 5 and a half hours!

unfortunately tho,at his 4am feed,my older DS (who had climbed into bed with me at 1am)-woke up and spewed all over himself and my bed-so mid feed, i had to deal with spew covered toddler,change the bedding and get curious DD back to bed again! All with Landon screaming for the second part of his feed, poor starving boy!
what an ordeal hey!

Once i got Deak cleaned up and settled back into bed,and Kira back into bed aswell-i managed to get the second half of the bottle into Landon,and he went back to sleep alright after that.

I JUST flopped back into bed,exhausted and dog tired-when DS starts crying. he'd spewed again, in his own bed sad

so there i go again, changing sheets and cleaning him up AGAIN!

then,an hour later, Landon wakes up again crying.
I was so tired i couldnt work out if it was feed time, or if it was wind, so i just chucked him in bed with me,and gave him sum booby.
well, he was so unsettled all morning after that-and ive had about 15 minutes sleep since 4am!!!!!

so that is why i urgently need to do the washing!!! 2 lots of bedding, and a butt load of spew covered clothes to clean!

ok, DD just woke up landon in his bouncer, so i better go console him,and give her a swift kick up the backside!!!!


Raych xoxo

Raych.. goodluck with getting everything done today... hopefully Deak doesnt spew anymore for you.... Hope lord landon settles easy for you.
Chris wouldnt settle this morning for me - just wanted constant booby milk - while Big Bro Ben decided to run amok. Half of my scrapbooking gear has been trashed where he broke the child safety lock on the door and got into the spare room while I was feeding Chris - all the time I thought Ben was having a nap... Little Darling - got to love him - atleast it wasnt eggs again this time. Chris is now asleep after some tummy time and some dancing to the wiggles - think he has realised if he goes to sleep he gets a break from Ben being in his face LOL.
time for lunch - the big decision on what to have - lammington and cream or something healthy
Hi Lovely Mummies

Raych- I will look you up on facebook shortly. As for the breast shields I didn't try that I wasn't aware of them and well I haven't bf now for 48hrs, I wish I had of known tho because I would have given them a go. It does seem that we are having similar sleeping patterns at the moment, hopefully they will turn around soon.

We had our first Health Centre appointment today and Harry is growing so quickly and he is very healthy and putting on good amounts of weight. He has now reach over 4kg. The health nurse was lovely. I can't believe how much information and help there is compared to when I had DS1 eight years ago.

I have loved looking at all the gorgeous photo's of everyone's bundles of joy and families on facebook everyone should be very proud.


Hey girls ...

Is all crazy here too ... DS no 1 is driving us mad, poor kid, don't know if he is just bored or hitting terrible two's (he's 21 months) or is just not liking the baby around.

Feeding seems to be going ok ... right side definately better than the left that's for sure ... have an extra check up with the local health nurse tomorrow so will be good to see how much weight he's put on ... but DH says if baby is usually going 2 -3 hours between feeds during the day and 3 -4 hours at night then he must be doing ok ... thankfully Isaac is sleeping good between feeds at night even if he seems to be a catnapper during the day ...

Sorry for not many personals, brain is mush today ...

Raych - am thinking of you, what a rough night !!!

Kris - don't think it's just a first time mummy thing, I reckon some things are easier the second time around and some aren't!!!

Chat later

Leanne C
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