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February 2006 Babies!! Lock Rss

Hi there
thought id start this topic as i would love to keep chatting with all the mums from the due in feb 06 topic!! even though my bubs was born in january!

laura jasmine
DOB 24/01/06
EDD 01/02/06
weight 3kg or 6 pound 10
length 48cm
h/c 36cm

hope some of the other mums will join me here!!


Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

Hey violet,

What a great idea would love to keep chatting with everyone from the Feb group.

Harrison Philip
DOB 17/2/06
EDD 28/2/06
Weight 8lds 5oz
Length 52.5cm
H/C 36cm

Hear from you soon.


Michelle, Brisbane, Harrison 3yrs

Hi Violet

What a nice idea! I would love to chat with other mums with babies around the same age as mine =)

DOB 20/02/06
EDD 21/02/06
weight 3.4kg
length 51cm
hc 34.5cm

To teach is to learn twice

Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is doing fine.

Christopher Jacob
DOB 07/02/06
EDD 28/01/06
Weight 4.1kg
Length 56cm
Head 36cm

He is a good night sleeper but not so much at daytime which is great.



DOB 30/10/05
EDD 28/10/05

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi my name is emma

I had a beautiful baby boy!!!

Name: Bailey Matthew
DOB: 16/02/2006
EDD: 09/03/2006
Weight: 6lb 1oz
Length: 46.5 cms
H/C: 34cms

Bailey is doing really great he is a good baby can't complain could of got

He is now 5 weeks old
He now weighs 8lb 15oz.
He is 53cms long
His H/C is 37.5cms

Love to talk to you all 2 c how your babies are going...Emma

Emma 19, Bailey Matthew 16/02/2006

hi everyone
feb babies is a great idea and just what ive been looking for
im a first time mum and loving it and its good to know my baby is doing the same things as other babys his age
at the health clinic groups im going to the other babies are 2-3 weeks younger

logan matthew
was born 02/02/2006
EDD 22/01/2006
time 6.19pm
weighed 9lb (4.010kg)
lenght 53cm
H/C 34.5cm

a nice healthy little boy who didnt want to join the world i had to be induced at 11 days over even though the doctor told me he was in position and ready to come out a week before my due date (very stubborn)
labour was great compared to some of the stories ive heard went to birth suite at 1pm and was put onto the drip (forget what its called) and by 3pm i was having very painful contractions and at 6.19pm he was born not assistance or stiches (thank god)
i did have a pethodine shot which made me very drowsy to the point my son only got pushed out because no one would leave me alone they were yelling at me to push him out and told me i could sleep if i did it (funny hay) once he was born it still took a good 10 minutes to feel normal( non drowsy) so i wouldnt recommened pethodine but i guess it worked i dont remember much and feel like i had an easy birth
my husband is great its the scrarest thing hes ever done and all the back rubbing he had to do for like 3 hrs was exhausting for him so at 7 weeks later im still treated like a godess who delived him his son (lucky he hasnt heard other birth stories or i think my special treatment would stop)

Logan 02/02/06 - Sarah 29/05/07

Congartulations everyone.

Aidan Joel
DOB 24/2/06
EDD 1/3/06
Weight 3.5kg or 7lb 12oz
Length 50.5cm
HC 36cm

What a great idea Violet. I wasn't invovled with your other forum topics but would love to be a part of this one.

Miki, SA, Amber 7/4/02 & Aidan 21/2/06.

hello violet,
i wasn't in the group but my son was:
DOB 12.2.06
EDD 10.2.06 (my bday)
weight 7lb 15.5oz (8 pounds lol!)
Lenght 52cm
H/c 34cm

and was wondering if i could talk to u and others about our feb babies

***haydens mum***

Hi all, taking the plunge and replying rather than just reading!

Jameison Wolf
DOB 01/02/06
EDD 14/03/06
Weight 2.01kg or 4 pound 6 & 1/2
Length 44.5 cm
HC 31 cm

He's finally hit the 4kg mark this last week. Rather exciting really smile

Hi All,

Great topic .. I want to share too!!

Danial Haris
DOB 03/02/2006
Weight 9lb 3 or 4.17kg
Length 53cm
h/c 37cm

I can't believe he'll be 3 months tomorrow but I'm loving every bit of Motherhood.
Hi everyone
I joined this site a little while ago but only found these pages today (when I've actually had time to sit down)!
My little man, Jacob Thomas, was born 27/2/06 by emergency c-section. He was 5 weeks early and spent 2 weeks in the NICU - it was heartbreaking to go home without him. But for a premmie he was pretty big - he weighed 2.6kg (5 pound 11), was 45cm long with a h/c of 34cm.
He's now over 5kg and does all the usual stuff for a 3month old - he's even starting to sleep through the night!
By the way, is anyone from the Logan area (in Brisbane) who would like to chat? My email address is Would love to hear from anyone.

Nicole, Qld - Jacob 27/2/06

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