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how many bubs with the same bday! Lock Rss

hi there im new here... my name is vanessa-lea but everyone just calls me ness.... im 34yrs old living in branxton nsw...... i have 3 children starting from eldest clinton (M) 15.... kirsten(F) 2..... and makayla (F) 8 and a half months......
birthdays are 14th august 91
17th jan 04
23rd feb 06

have a great weekend cya soon
hi claire was born on the 23rd september this yr
my sis bub was on the 25th october 05
friends on they 11th july this yr
n anthoner on the 6th of july this yr

claires going to be a big sister in oct

my daughter was born on the 11/4/06 Teashia Grace.

mummy to 1 Vic

my kids are
6th june 1996
2nd may 1998
30 november 2003
23rd october 2004
5th october 2006
and due 20th sept 2007
my boys are 27th march 2003
and 25th oct 2006

Lori,Callym 27/03/03,Jayke 25/10/06,Tyler 28/12/07

My daughter Cathrine Nikayla
21st October 2006 at 6.04pm
GF#1 dd 2001, ds 11/11/06
GF#2 ds 8/11/06
SIL#1 dd 1/2/01,ds 24/2/05,dd 14/2/07
SIL#2 dd 9/11/01,ds 24/4/03
GF#3 ds 16/9/05
GF#4 dd 12/3/05 due 18/10/07

[Edited on 11/05/2007]

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

DS born 20-12-2003
DD born 20-09-2006
DD born 11-01-2000
DS born 22-07-2003
DD born 14-02-2006
Cohen was born 17th of July 06.

My daughter was born on the 20th november BUT my little brother was born on the 15th june. Middle of the month, middle of the year!!!

Megan Dana 22 March 06
My two kids are born 2 years apart on the same day - they share their birthdays on 25th August.
(m) Kyan Lucas 25/8/04
(f) Charley Imogen 25/8/06
Thinking of trying again - should I try for this due date? how cruel!

Shell - Kyan 25/8/04 & Charley 25/8/06

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