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November 09 babies Lock Rss

Hi everyone!

I'm Liz, and I had my second DD on 15th November. Named her Jamisyn Charli, she was 7pd 8oz. Had a very quick labour - less than 6 hours in total and all drug free - very different to the 15 hours and epidural with Tannah! And I know I screamed my head off too... as well as squeezing my hubby's hand so hard, he had to dig my fingernails out of his palm! lol...

Things are going well - she's a hungry little thing, feeding every 3 or so hours, but can go up to 5 overnight.

Still getting my head around having a newborn again, but loving every bit of it! Tannah is great with her too, always wanting to cuddle and kiss her, and helps by holding her bottle. So cute!!

Hope everyone is going well!

Hi Everyone,

My names Amy and we welcomed our wee ones on the 13th November. James weighing 5lbs 7ozs and Mekaela weighing 5lbs 5ozs.

We also have a 3 and a half year old daughter and a 18 month old son, so lifes pretty busy!!!

Everything seems to be going pretty good at the moment, both are sleeping and feeding well.

My partner has just gone back to work so nows the time when the fun really starts!

Congratulations to all on the births of your bubba's, I look foward to getting to know all of you.

Take care, Amy

Hi Girls.
Hope everybody is going well and not getting to hot.

Welcome to everyone who has joined this thread, I have been a bit lazy lately and not checking it.

I had little Connor weighed yesterday and he has put on over a kilo in 5 weeks. He is now 4.710kg and 56cm long (grown 3 cm. He sure is a little boobie man. LOL

I can't beleive its christmas next week, how scary is that, where has this year gone.

Whats everyones plans for the day. We are staying home this year, its going to be to hot to go out and about.

Where is everyone from I am from sunny queensland on brisbanes bayside..

Take care

Tracey smile]

hi everyone, thought i would join the forum. i had my not so little baby girl, Jorji May Elizabeth on November 17th. she weighed 10pound 14 or 4920grams. labour and delivery was great but i bled afterwards and ended up having emergency surgery. everything is going great now, she's starting to sleep about 7 hours through the night and feeding every four hours during the day. we breastfed for a week but as i lost 2.5litres of blood just didn't have enough milk to satisfy her. as of last thursday she weighed 12 pound 2 or 5500grams. hope to get to know you all over the coming months.
HI everyone !

Little Izzy is 5 weeks old today ! She has been a little angel until the last 2 days. She is now feeding every 3 hours during the day and going 5 hours at night, but after the day feed and a good burp she is not settling. She cries and cries and will only fall asleep in my arms. As soon as I put her down witin 10 mins she is crying to all you mums out there, do you have any advice??

Simone in Melbourne smile

[Edited on 15/12/2009]

Simone - After you burp izzy see if she wants too feed a bit more. If she has burped she may have some more room and still be a bit hungry.

Either that or she may have a bit of colic/tummy pain. You could try either gripe water or brauers Colic Relief. Both have been helpful with Mitchell.

Hope this helps


HI Bec

I will try the extra feed, as she normally has a big burp and a spew, so she maybe still hungry?
Will give the gripe water a go as well.
Poor little thing, nothing worse than having your little one so upset and not being able to help.

Simone smile


I agree there is nothing worse. Hopefully the extra feed works, it seems to help Mitchell settle if he has burped.

Bec smile

Welcome Liz, Amy and sandie smile

Amy - wow twins, congrats sounds like u will be busy, lol, but im sure ur other 2 will help if u need it smile

Yay one of u had a bub on my birthday, nov is a full month for us here, it goes my dad and hunter on the 4th, xavier (my first) on the 6th, my DP cousin on the 9th, my sis in law on the 11th, me on the 17th, lol so busy on the birthdays in the fist half of nov, lol
[Edited on 16/12/2009]

Hi Everyone,
I'm Danni and I had twins on the 8th Oct 09, was meant to be in Nov but they decided not to wait. lol
I had Zak Riley weighing 5 pound 2 oz (2330g) and Kyra Zarli weighing 4 pound 4 oz (1930g) . I also have 4 other sons 16, 13, 4 and 2 so I finally have a daughter! I'm still breastfeeding to date, Zak is over 4kg and Kyra over 3kg now.
They are both really good sleepers Zak will go 5 to 7 hours at nite hence the weight difference he loves his boob juice, and Kyra goes 8 hours.

Well hope everyone is doing well hope this is the forum we come to!

Take care
Danni XXX

Hi All,

I had my little man Archie on the 19th November 2009. weighing 8 pound 14 ounces.. i breastfed for about 3 weeks then it ended up getting to much was hurting so much..

He loves the bottle which im glad he took to. He is putting weight on well and also sleeping really well at night time he sleeps for about 7-8 hrs of a night time not much during the day though but i dont mind if he sleeps at night.

Hope everyone elses baby is going well and everyone is looking forward to christmas.

Hi all,
my name is Amanda and i had Hannah Billie on the 4th Nov via em c/section afta 18hours of labour!! She was 2980gms (6pd 9oz)and is our first bub, and first grandchild on both sides!

i can't believe she is nearly 7 weeks old, she is unfortunately not breastfeeding, so i am expressing and bottling, just not quite able to keep up with her needs!! any suggestions?

and Simone, gripe water is just brilliant for wind/tummy pain, Hannah needed it for a few days and it did absolute wonders!!

Congratulations to everyone on the arrival of their bundles of joy, and have a Merry Christmas all!!
[Edited on 21/12/2009]

My baby girl Hannah, and my hubby are my whole wor

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