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June babes 2011 Lock Rss

Hi all,
we are trucking along, Georgie is now 5.64kg so she's put on a whole kilo since she was born. It is lucky I only bought 2 packets of newborn nappies as she grew out of them at 2 weeks 4 days!! She has crazy reflux but it doesn't seem to distress her, it just causes me a whole lot more washing, Hazel was the same so it isn't too much of a shock to the system, although when she does a puke that brings up the whole feed it is pretty freaky, the last time she did that was on Sunday night at my parents' house I got absolutely soaked to the skin and had to borrow a change of clothes down to the undies!
The feeding difficulties sound horrible, it must be such a stressful thing in an already stressful time. I'm lucky in that I didn't have any problems with breastfeeding last time and don't this time either, beyond a few days of sore nipples and discomfort for a few days when the milk comes in.
Hazel has taken to being a big sister like a duck to water, she is already saying "Georgie did it" and runs and gets a clean nappy before I even ask her to when I am changing Georgie. It is pretty cute, she comes and snuggles up to her then looks at me and says "she likes me!" wub
***Ibu*** BF babies tend to poo every nappy change for a while then at about 6 weeks or a bit later their digestive systems kick in and sometimes they don't poo for a couple of weeks! Georgie only poos every few days now (apart from the regular shart!) but I remember taking Hazel to the doctor as she hadn't pooed for ages and was told not to worry until it had been 3 weeks! (She exploded after 16 days...)
Georgie has a small tongue tie, it doesn't seem to be causing a problem except that she makes a clicking noise when feeding, it doesn't seem to be damaging me and she is certainly getting enough milk - the projectile vomiting lets me know how much!! But I might bring it up at the 6 week check next week, also she has a lump on the back of her neck, it has been there since she was born and feels a bit like a blind pimple, which I need to remember to get checked. I'm not looking forward to the 6 week vaccinations (although I do believe very strongly in vaccination!) as I hate having to hold on to the baby while they get jabbed sad although in saying that Georgie didn't make a sound for the vitamin k injection when she was born and slept through the heal prick Guthrie test, so it may not bother her at all.
Anyway, I must press on, I'm supposed to be cleaning our pigsty of a house while Hazel is at daycare, but I keep getting distracted by Huggies smile

As for me WIllow has gone through nearly a carton of 144 new born nappies, is this normal for a new born to poo so much??? She is being BF

I just bought my second box yesterday. Nina was pooing non stop but it seems to have slowed down a bit now. So I would have to assume yes.

Today's been very tiring sad mia's gone from feeding every 4 hours to every hour and a half sad hopefully she goes back to 4 hourly when she's not sick anymore. It's actually good that she is feeding so much because at least she's not going to get dehydrated. Hopefully none of your little ones get sick it's horrible to see her all mucusy and stuff sad
Thanks for encouragement. I hope they do snip the tongue tie and that it makes a difference. I've been expressing and giving her the bottle today on instruction from GP so we can record how much she is having, she's hardly made a peep between feeds which have been exactly 3 hours apart. I'm managing to get about 90 - 120mls when I express, but that's from both sides and is a struggle to get last 20 so I don't know if I have supply problem or not. It's probably going to be another week before I can have her tongue looked at when I go to BF clinic and will more than likely end up having to bottle feed her until then, so I'm worried she won't want to BF by then. I'm trying not to stress, at least now she is well fed and looking content I can get some rest and feel much better!

Declan&Mia's mummy, hope your little girl gets better soon, like you say it's good she's still feeding lots even if tiring for you because she's keeping well hydrated and nourished. Still, I hope she gets better and slows down a bit so you can get some rest! I'm dreading Charlotte's first cold, and I really really hope it doesn't happen in amongst all the drama we're having at the moment! I don't even want to put her in the pram when we go out because people lean over and breathe on her! I've just been putting her in the sling - I know I can't stop her getting sick forever but it's the last thing I need right now!

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wow you poor girls with the 1.5 hr feed gaps. is that through the night also or are you at least getting some sleep.
Declan&Miamummy I hope Mia is better soon. did you say earlier that your whole family was sick. how are you feeling now.

Skubala I hope feeding settles down for you soon. that's terrible that it is taking you so long to get into the BF clinic. everyday counts with BF. you are doing really well to keep going, by the sound of it you are doing it a little tough.

it sounds like a few of us are having a hard time with BF, and chucking. hang in there girls as we all keep saying the most important thing is your babies health even it that means expressing (BF) or FF.

on a happier note.
Mikayla is starting to smile, i got her first smile on the 5/7/11. but they are becoming more regular now. we managed to get a photo of Cheyenne's first smile, but everytime I pick up the camera Mikayla stops smiling. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> grin . but I really want to try to capture these early smiles they are so cute, big open mouth, scrunched up eyes, her face just lights up. so beautiful.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

I think I'm finally getting somewhere with the BF thing!

After I thought she had lost a whopping 300g in a week I was really about to lose the plot... took her to see pediatrician at the hospital and it turns out that the GP scales were wrong and she is actually gaining weight perfectly and is a healthy thriving little bub! So relieved! She is also feeding much better now - they had me worried because her feeds have been short from birth, usually only 10-15mins at the most and I was told it wasn't long enough... clearly it is! This first few weeks has taught me that although the nurses/doctors know a lot and have been very helpful, I need to trust my own instincts and make judgements about MY baby! Since making that realisation and doing what works for us I am getting much more sleep and feeling far more relaxed! We still have a few little problems, mostly that Charlotte gets awful colic but I've been using infacol wind medicine and it seems to help. I was so close to giving up on the BF but was determined to make it work and I think we're finally turning the corner and won't look back

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Fantastic news Skubala! Glad it is all working out for you. Good work on hanging in there. What a frantic few weeks you must have had. Keep up the good work!

Glad to hear all the BF issues are sorting themselves out. Willow is stacking on the weight and we are both getting the hang of BF which is a great relief.
What is colic and how do u know your baby has it and how do u know if they have reflux?

Did any of the June mums have caesars? I am struggling a bit with the inability to be active and the pain is getting me down a bit. Apart from that everything is wonderful and we love our little girl so much.
Hi everyone,
Just found this topic. Congrat's to everyone and hope everyone enjoying their new bundles of joy.
Little man feed and sleep times are still all over the place but i surpised how well i'm going.
Little master being my little helper which is good since i'm not aloud to do alot.
I've already taken a heap of photo's in the last 3 weeks.

hi girls
wow time is going really fast. i have just made the app for Mikayla and I to have our 6 week check up. sometimes I forget she is so young (I think that is cause of the FF, still a sore point, wish I could have fed her for longer- got to let it go... at least with FF she is getting enough to fill her little tummy)

Mikayla is awake a lot more now. I might need to start putting her to bed for day sleeps, she just naps in the porta cot in the dinning room ATM.

I'm so in love wub wub

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

DP went back to work yesterday. DD is still being a pain but what can you do? At least she's warming up to DS now. She gives him his dummy or tells us he doesn't want it. She'll get a nappy and the wipes or let him huggles puppy. Still have to remind her to be gentle though. she pats his head a little too hard sometimes.
He's still not latching properly but I'm beyond caring. A bit of pain I can handle since he feeds so much faster without the nipple shield. Not that it frees me up, I still have to burp him and hold him til he falls asleep and when I do manage to put him down DD wants my attention! I didn't get to wee til 3pm yesterday!
Also on Sunday night noticed he had some sore looking lumps under his right arm. Took him off tot he after hours Dr and found out they were boils! So got him some antibiotics and Dettol to clean it with. They popped themselves on Monday and looked loads better yesterday. Will still give him the medicine for the full 5 days though. Scared the life out of me when I saw them. But the Dr said there's was nothing we did to cause them and nothing we could have done to prevent them so that made me feel a little better. The antibi's make him sleep longer too, so that's nice. smile He managed 5 hours on Monday night. That's a record so far! Usually it's 2.5-3 hours at most.

Hi all,
Georgie had her 6 week check and vaccinations yesterday, that wasn't much fun but she recovered in about 15 seconds <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> She is now 61cm and 5.77kg which is off the chart for a 6 week old baby!! I've already had to put her into some smaller size 3-6month stuff, especially things like jackets, as her shoulders are too broad.
She seems to be a good sleeper so far (frantically touching wood!!) she sleeps on and off all day and then from about 10pm until 3am then wakes up anywhere between 6 and 7. Those hours are making me feel awesome!! Also now that my asthma is under control and I can actually lie down without coughing I am sleeping at night rather than trying to sleep/breathe.
Georgie has reflux, but it seems to bother me more than it bothers her <span class="emoticon laugh">laugh</span> I'll see if I can attach a picture of her happily sleeping in a puddle of vomit.
We have had 5 days in a row without rain (well, without much rain) which is AMAZING in NZ, so I have done all the washing and have even managed to dry the king sized sheets and duvet cover! We have a dryer, but it was the cheapest on the market and it takes hours to dry washing from wet... usually I hang it out on airers overnight then stick it in the dryer the next day to finish it off. It is so nice to be able to hang it outside on the line for a change.
Hazel is being good with Georgie, but like you Tahra&Kate I have to watch out that the cuddles aren't too tight.
Anyway, I must take advantage of having two sleeping girls and mop the kitchen floor - Hazel always slips over on it if I try while she is awake. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
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