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may babys Lock Rss

any one who baby born april or may love to hear from you
Hi Lisa

Our little girl was born on May 22nd at 10:07am. She was 9 days late and I was actually due to be admitted for prostaglandin gel that afternoon! I'm glad I avoided an induction.

My labour was very quick - just 5 hours from very first twinge to giving birth. Isabella weighed 4kg which was a big surprise as we were expecting a small baby! Unfortunately I did end up with a 3rd degree tear but it was all worthwhile and I'm feeling great now! (Despite being a little sleep deprived of course)

So how about you? When was your baby born?

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

we had our 3rd baby on May 3rd. a girl,
Kassidy Jayde arrived a day late at 3:20pm and is a beautiful little sister for Mickeely (neally 3yrs) and Regan (neally 6yrs)
we had our second child on may 18th she was 3 weeks early and weighed 8lb 5oz our fist is nearly 3

I had my first baby on May 10th, a girl (Amelia). i had a very quick natural birth after an easy pregnancy.

have you guys started solids as yet??

what are your babies up too??


Ally & Amelia (May 10th, 2006)

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