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aNy mAy 2OO4 baBieS?? Lock Rss

just wondering if there was any mums out there that have babys born may 2004 or though they are not babys anymore lol

jOrdan 10.5.04 Breeanna 04.12.07

Hi Kylie,
My son "Christopher" was born on 1st May 2004 and yeah they aren't babies anymore sad

He keeps me pretty busy, he's quite an active little boy and since he turned 2yrs old he is really talking alot now as his speak was delayed a little as he had problems with his ears when he was younger and had grommets put in Oct last year but once they went in he really started to improve which was great.

We are just about to move him into a bed as he's still in the cot but he climbed out a few weeks ago, only did it the once as I think it scared him, but I think its time now to put him in one, plus we are setting him up in another room as the room he is in is still decked out for a baby (Teddy Bear theme) and I'm due to have my 3rd baby this October so the baby will get his room and he'll get the new room all decked out in Bob the Builder as he is his fave character smile

What date was Jordan born on? I see you are also trying for another baby, how is that going? It took us 8mths to fall with this 3rd baby didn't think it was ever going to happen as I fell much quicker with my other 2 as I also have a daughter that is 5yrs old.

Anyway would love to hear more from you.

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