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Any September 04' Babes? Lock Rss

Hi, I've just discovered this page. I have a baby girl, Keely who was born on 18/9/04 weighing 8lb 3oz. She has been sitting up unaided since she was 5 months old and first started crawling at 6 months, however stopped until just this week, she has decided to start crawling again and hasn't stopped. I was waiting for her to do the commando crawl, but no, she went straight on 2 hands and 2 knees no trouble. The only problem is, now she is into everything. Its amazing how quick they can move around. She is also pulling herself up on things and then letting go - the start of many tearful outcomes.

She has been teething since 4 months of age but still no teeth. She has had really swollen gums for the last few days, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are teeth soon.

In reply to the message about anyone putting their baby in a walker, yes I did. We put our daughter in a walker at the age of 3 months. Before this she was always wanting to sit up, hated lying down, either on her back or her stomach. We bought the walker just to get a break from always holding on to her. She loved it, and still does. We got into a routine where she sits in it while Mum & Dad eat their meals. Now that she is on solids, we also use it to sit her in while we feed her (until we get a high chair).

Hi Ladies,
Firstly welcome Heather, Kirsty, Helen, Shannon and Pauline. It's great to have so many September Mums. grin

Everything has been going great this end. Tiahna got her second tooth the other day and Madelyn has just started to have her second tooth come through yesterday. :}
Madelyn has started to crawl. I can't believe it. I was so happy but I wanted to cry at the same time because my little girls are growing up so quickly. I wish I could slow down time.
They can both sit unaided now which is great. They absolutley adore each other and they are always making eachother laugh. I love to sit back and watch them play together. wink
Do any of you still see your health nurse?

poor little Sam. sad Those needles really knocked him around didn't they. I have never heard of any baby having that kind of reaction. I know sometimes they can get grizzly and feverish but to be up all night like that. You poor thing. I wouldn't worry too much about his weight. you know your baby better than anyone and if he seems happy and alert to you that's all that matters. How much milk does he drink? How much food does he eat? My girls both came down with the flu and I went out and bought a vaporiser. I swear by them. It helped our girls so much. It was such a GODSEND !!!

Yes I do use a walker for both of my girls. They absolutley love thair walkers. They love to play bumper cars with them. I used to hear so many bad reports about them but I think they stemmed from the old fashioned walkers which used to tip over and one story has led to another. Has Jordan started to crawl yet. Tiahna does the commando across the floor whereas Madelyn actually crawls. Strange watching two babies the same age develop so differently. It just goes to show how different every baby is.

We have just started the QV wash for Madelyn. She has started to get really red under her eyes. The pharmacist thinks she might have allergies. Will just have to wait and see. I was using some other products in her bath and on her hair but have been told to steer clear of them. WHOOPS !

welldone with boot camp. That's great news. My girls are sleeping through most nights now. Sometimes I will have to do a dummy run. OMG how sick were you!!!! sad I hope you are feeling better. How is Skye. gosh you guys have had it tough lately. Your poor little princess. Has Skye had anymore reactions?

How exciting Corban said "Dad". I can't wait for my girls to talk. Did you sit there most days and just repeat "Dad" "Dad" "Dad"

Do any of you still use a dummy? How do I get rid of it when I have two babies that egg eachother on to cry?

That's about all from me for now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. It's going to rain for us in Perth this weekend.

take care

Jodi, W.A. Twin girls 6 mths

Daniel's onto his 5th tooth (2 on top and 3 below). Can't crawl, just rolls over, grunts and whines until you sit him back up. Loves solids. And for the first time said "Mmmmmaama!" over and over again today!
JODI: great to hear that the twins play and laugh together, isn't it amazing that babies have a sense of humour from this age?

Sept 04 baby boy & Dec 06 baby girl

Hi All,

Wow what a month I've had since i last got online. The house goes on the market Sat and we're building another house to move into. My older daughter turned two, both girls have been sick & I'm just recovering from tosillitis oh and there was our wedding anniversary in there too!

Isla's doing great. She started cammondo crawling at the start of April and has started pulling herself up onto the furniture. We found her standing up in the cot so the cot has gone down to the lowest level. She's finally decided that it is good to sit up by herself at last too.

I've been having real hassels with food though. She'll eat fruit like there's no tomorrow but vegetables and cereal are a whole other battle. To be fair the last 2 mornings she has eaten of of her cereal so maybe we're over that hurdle. I just can't get her to eat veges! I've tried mashing it with water, formula, nothing but she just won't eat anything I cook her. I'm going to try some diluted juice in case that does the trick (apparently they put that in commercial baby food).

No teeth as yet, but she seems to be getting ready for them anytime.

Great to hear how about all the other little bubs, they're growing up sooooo fast

BTW no more wrapping!! I decided to try puttting her to bed without it and she's done great. There's only been a few nights we've had to give and wrap her.
Hi I'm a mum of 5 children.Tamara 11,Troy 9,Zoe 7,Brooke 6,and Jamielee 7mths. Jamielee Possom was born on 18th of september 2004.

katrina,nsw,mother to 7mth baby girl-Jamielee Poss

My daughter Jamielee Possom was also born on the 18th of september 2004. She was 7lb 12oz.

katrina,nsw,mother to 7mth baby girl-Jamielee Poss

Hi everyone,

Just came across this post, my daughter Stephanie was born on 22/9/04 by emergency c section weighing 4lb 13 ounces. She's 7 months old now & about 18lbs, eats everything, sits up & rolls over but not quite crawling, has 2 teeth & 'talks' non stop! She is such a cutie, she steals the show where ever we go!


Rachel, NSW, Stephanie born 22/9/04

Happy Mum's Day September mums,
Amelia was born on Sept 7, 2004 and has just turned 8 months old! It's gone so fast. She's commando crawling (on her tummy) extremely fast and chases the cat around the house. She's very curious and gets bored very easily, always wanting something new to explore. She started swimming lessons 3 weeks ago with her dad and goes to a dads and bubs class on Saturday mornings- both her and dad love it! Have a great 1st mums day everyone.

mum to baby girl (7 Sept 04)

Hi Ladies

I have a Baby girl born 23rd September 04. At present she isn’t crawling and she hasn’t got her 1st tooth yet, its ready to cut any day now smile, Ladies try not to compare your babies too much, I use to get bothered by the fact she wasn’t crawling but all babies do it when they are ready, i think half of Anissa's problem is she is lazy, she does things only when she feels like it, most of the time she is happy just to sit and play. This makes it easy on me for now. She might not be able to crawl but she is already getting into everything i know once she takes to those feet i will be chasing her. smile


oh my god he has worked out the stairs and is crawling he is eating his vegies now but still mixed with his milk lol at least he gets it how is everyone else doing??????????

SA mum with baby jacob 20th sep 04

Hi Ladies,

JODI, to answer, Sam is drinking probably about 300ml formula a day now but is having the equivilent of 1.5-2 small jars of baby food 3 x a day plus yoghurt and full fat cows milk for morning tea. Hes starting to become a fussy eater though so thats not impressing me overly. He doesn't mind his vege and so forth but his father observed me mixing yoghurt with his muslie once and did it every day for 4 days following so now the little bugger wont eat breakfast unless its sweet. hmmmm.

Sams not crawling yet but not too far away I don't think. He sitting unaided but sometimes throws himself backwards so still got to put a pillow behind him.

Hes suddenly decided that he wants to sleep on his tummy . Only problem is, in the middle of the night when he wants to roll back hes not awake enough so I have to go roll him. Oh well.

Hes also discovered he can scream from the pit of his stomach. Its so cute if a bit ear-piercing.

Hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day and got spoilt rotten!

Hello Sept Mum,

its been ages since I've been online. Partly b/c I am back at work part-time and can't be bothered turning on another computer at home and I am usually fighting with the 3yr old over who turn it is to be on the computer needless to say he usually wins.

Anyway I can't believe how time flies. Most of the Bubs are comming up to 8 months. Kody has his first bottom tooth and the second one is comming through slowly and very painfully this time round. He has cold symtoms (which I am not sure are from the tooth or just a cold in general) so his nose runs like a tap - don't know if there is anything he can have other than panadol! His bottom is now red roar from runny poos, I think we changed about 10 poey nappies yesterday! So all in all not much fun. The plus is it hasn't put him off his food one little bit. He just loves food, I have trouble thinking of different things to give him. I think I am going to try a tuna morny this w/end.
Still no crawling hates being on his tummy so I am trying to make a concious effort to put him on his tummy and lay down with him at least twice a day!

I'd love to hear any suggestions on how to help the sore bottom - other than using curash (which we already use!) and if anyone has any good food recipies that their babies love.

Take care all

Tamara, Jack (3) and Kody (8months)
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