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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Sorry, welcome back liz too!!
For those girls who want to know about the pics, there are a couple of threads about them. I dont think you would understand it if i tried to explain it lol.

Hi girls thought I'd pop in quickly whilst all is quiet on the home front.
I forgot to say the other day, Welcome back Jenie!!!
Blue, where are you?? I hope the license plan is going well for you?

I just plonked myself down on the chair and crossed my legs. Then I had a thought, I wont be doing that tonight! Or tomorrow LOL ouch. And I threw my squishy pillow out too, was worse for wear.

Annika was an anel last night, 9.30pm til 7am!
sadly last night everytime DH picked her up she screamed, very sad. She isn't a crier at all either. Oh well today is another day.
Take care ladies, don't know when I'll be back on.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

i have a march baby as well and a 19 mth she also likes to feed her little sister so i am always calling the toddler to check up on her cause if i dont i know she will be over there taking her rattle away from her or trying to feed her a block from the toy cupboard, the kisses and cuddles they share are so bueatiful, hopefully they wont hate eachother when the baby gets old enough to reply to the kisses and cuddles, the baby is always kicking at something never keeping her warm booties on that i bought, does your toodler undress the baby, my toodler loves being the mommy, cause i feed the baby with a bottle the toodler takes it of me and feeds her baby sister, it is so cute
my daughter Ella is a March 2007 baby. She was born on 3rd March. Thought I'd add myself to this post.


Ella''''''''s mum 3/3/07

Hi all, My bubs (triplets)were born in January 2007 but they were 6 1/2 weeks prem so I would love to join your chat group as they were due in march. Our smallest- Max was 1.5 kg and our other 2 matilda and Oscar were 2kg. They are all doing well but are very busy. Luckily I get help in the mornings but have them on my own in the afternoon. They are sleeping well - last feed at 9.30 pm until 6am in the morning. My biggest challenge at the moment is keeping them all in the same routine. Look forward to chatting to you all.
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I haven't used this before so not sure how to do it! My boy Drew was born on March 19. He is going well. He wore a brace for hip problems for 4 weeks, and is now suffering a bit of exzema. Recently he has had bad wind pains and crying alot. This is mostly during the day and can last for a few hours at a time. Does anyone have any suggestions? He is bottle fed due to lots of b/f problems. Thanks.
hi everyone

i will make this real quick i have both girls on my lap. i will chat more later. welcome to the new comers.


Hi all

just poped in to say hi my DS was 3 months on saturday, time has gone so fast and hubby is talking about a second baby already, let me get over the shock of having baby no 1 first LOL. Cooper giggled for the first time today it was soooo cute he wore himself out and is now sound asleep, only wish he would sleep through the night still waking about 4-5 times a night any one have any suggestion on how to get him to sleep longer, he only sleeps for about 2 hours through out the day. I Need some sleep LOL[/img][/url]

Hi all,

My baby boy was born 29th March. He is smiling heaps and sleeps 11 hours each night - he's a sleepyhead like his Mum ;o) I give him tummy time every day but he hasn't managed to roll yet. I haven't been in this forum before but it's great to hear about other babies the same age.
Hi everyone

I am back again with both girls in bed.

Coops Mum if your bub is sleeping 2 hours at a time with about 1 - 2 hours awake in between you are doing everything right. It is normal for a 3 month old to be awake more now (I am sorry to be telling you this but with my first I thought she should be sleeping more to find out they don't) As for sleeping at night hopefully bub will sleep a little longer blocks of say 3 - 4 hours. Most feeds should be spaced 3 - 4 hours apart unless bub is going through a growth spurt where bub could be feeding every 1.5 - 2 hours. Put life on hold for a few days rest as much as possible and just enjoy all the extra hugs from bub whild feeding. Keep smiling it does get better. I hope this has helped.

My little Natalie is teething atm but hasn't got to grumping thankfuly. I can't believe it is 12 months already since I found out I was going to be having her. She has been giving Helen the biggest smiles today every time Helen went to play with her.

Well I had better go before you all fall asleep reading this. Sorry for the novel but it has been so long since I have had a chance to chat without the girls in my arms.

Keep enjoying those smiles.


am a new member.. not sure what im doing or how to do it yet. i had twin boys in march. all good fun
well that was easy.

my twin boys were born whangarei hospital march 15th.. my birthday. what an awesome present to myself. 37 weeks so term for twins.
very fast labour .. 2 hours.. 3 pushes.. and out popped the first.. weighing 5lbs. then a c-section for the second weighing 5lb 2oz. (bit different to when i had my girl 9 years ago.. 18 hours labour and an hour and a half to get her out)
both boys had trouble feeding for the first few days.. but struggled on and am still breast feeding them both now.
both were sleeping through the night, but unfortunaletly we all got the cold, so awake a lot in the night with the snuffles.
congratulations to the mum of triplets. i know how hard it is with twins.. so can only imagine how hard with three babes.

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