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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Hiya, back from the clinic!!
Annika now weighs at 5mths and 5 days 7.15kg, she is 66cms long too. She wasn't keen on her rotarix but a booby feed fixed that lol.
Danielle do not let Liam's lack of rolling concern you at all! He will do it in his own time. Just want to reassure you that it will happen, but not to worry.
If you want to encourage it give him tummy time. The easiest way I do it is lay the kids on their tummy on my bed, then kneel on the floor facing them. I place their arms out so if they roll, their arms wont get stuck under their tummies.
Good luck with it all.
Hope all the other babies are doing well????

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Danielle your lil man will roll soon enough. Probly when you least expect it.
Naomi Annika sounds like she is doing great. When Isaac had his round of needles he had 3 in the 1 day. They do it slightly different up here. That was a cute photo of her in highchair. She is just gorgeous.
DH turned isaacs carseat around on the weekend. He loves it. He was very grizzly when he couldnt see anything, now we have a very happy stickybeak lol. He is also having some farax with with a little bit of pureed apple. He wasnt too keen at first but he loves it now. He is always trying to grab things out of our hands. He is growing up so fast sad.

I have a job interview tomorrow. Im really excited but at the same time sad to be putting isaac in child care. Its only afternoons tho so i will have all the morn with him and on fridays dh finishes early so chid care is only 4 days. I do think it will be good for him to interact with other babies. He hasnt been around any before, nor many kids.
Time for some lunch im a wee bit peckish.
Chat soon xx

Hi everyone, I haven't posted on this thread but did in the expectant March Babies... Just been busy I suppose and I had to return to fulltime work which is a pain...not enjoying it at all.

My name is Joey I have 2 boys Luke who is 3 and Ryan born 26th of March...

Ryan was born 7lb 12 and now is a whopping 9.4kg chubba bub.. He isn't fat he is just very solid, just like his dad. He is 68cm long.

He is now on bottle formula 5 x 180 a day and wants to try and eat everything we are so looks like intro to solids very shortly.

I had to return to work (hence the reason for bottle feeding) it was very sad because I actually enjoyed our feeding times and so did Ryan... though he's adjusted very well.

Ryan spent Fri (not last week the weekend before) in hospital with Bronchiolitis, but was sent home 2 days later and I just got to keep him warm and out of the cool air.. He still has a cough 2 weeks later but he doc said it might take a while to fully disappear. Other then that he is a mighty happy child.

Due to being hospitalised and not been 100% he hasn't had his 4mth needles... Question: What's the go, is it a matter of getting them done as soon as he is well again????

He has rolled but by accident where he lifted himself up so high on his hands that he toppled over and scared the crap out of himself lol....

Loves tummy time but gets annoyed because he just wants to go go go... Luke is very good with him but has that jealous streak in him too. When I'm feeding Ryan he'll say "Luke needs kiss and cuddles mummy"... so I'm trying to feed Ryan and give sloppy kisses and tight hugs to a 3 yr old too... Ah nothing beats that.

Ok this is turning into a bit of a novel... hope to talk to you guys more in the coming days and it's great to see familiar names from the "March babies 07" thread...


Mum to twins Luke 3yr and Rhiarna (my angel in heaven) and chubba bubba Ryan 4.5mths...

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Hi Joey

Welcome back. Glad to hear you had a lovely healthy boy. Tho not good about the bronc. I hope he recovers very soon. In answer to your question about needles, we were moving interstate when Isaac was due for his so we just waited until we were settled in then i went and got them done. If you went and saw the health nurse she might be able to let you know if he is well enough.

Is anyone having trouble getting their bubs to sleep thro the day? Isaac seems really tired but when I put him down he starts rolling around, squeals and hangs his legs out of the side of the cot. Then he cries until i go in there and put him on his back. Its the same thing over and over until he goes to sleep. Ive tried to ignore him but it doesnt work when i know he is stuck!! Does anyone have any advice on what i should do??????? Would it hurt to put up a cot bumper?

Hi Liam's Mumma

good to hear from you. The girls are right Liam will roll over in his own time, we didn't expect cooper to roll over yet he was playing on his mat when a toy fell above his head he turned to reach for it and rolled over, we were very shocked. Cooper was born on the 30th march When was Liam born? I am going to try cooper on farex tonight so that will be very interesting I will let you know how I go!

Have a good afternoon chat soon[/img][/url]

hey coop's mum,
liam was born on the 7th march but my labour started on the
5th march so it took 46 hours until he finally come
out!!! yes i know he will roll maybe i dont want him to yet
other wize he will grow up too quickly. liam LOVES his farex
we have been giving it to him for a while now im sure cooper
will love it too!!
talk soon.

eek! I have 2 sick kids, they both have colds, Dominik has another uti, and Annika has conjunctivitis grrrrr. Not green and gluey though, her eyes are red and watery.
They don't like me much atm cause I am the person sticking medicines down their throats every 4 hrs.
Annika is clingy, Nik is feral, two extremes grrrr

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

hi naomi,
u poor thing... Liam has the cough but he's fine thank god!!
just got him weighed he's 5690gms and 62cm long neally
rolling not quite yet he's trying got the arch thing and
puts his head right back... im getting scared my little mans
growing up toooo fast!!!! might have to have another...

Naomi Isaac has conjuctivitis too. He has the green gluey variety tho lol. I put drops in and it comes good for a day then it goes all yukki again!! Hope they get better soon hun. Liamsmumma you are keen to be thinkin of having another lol. Our little man has stopped rolling from tummy to back. Seems he has forgotten....
Anyhoo was wondering if anyone had any ideas to a question in my last post?? Maybe nobody reads my posts sad Oh well i'll keep posting anyway wink

hey yeah i think i am??? DH wants another pretty close together with liam. have to wait til he gets back if
he rings tonight mite ask him. wont hurt right????

Fi sorry darl I meant to answer but my brain is fried, no excuse though lol.
Go the bumper, Annika has one, she is also wrapped. Since it's so hot up there perhaps stip him to a nappy and singlet and get a cotton sleeping bag, to stop his legs getting stuck.
If you are wary of a bumper, weave a cotton towel in and out of the bars of the cot.
Hope that helps, off to make tea.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

Hi girls,
Have been reading your posts but have never bothered to enter into the conversation. My husband thinks its funny that I'm always on the forum but its so interesting to see where all the other bubs are at.
Xander was born on 14th March at 10.58pm, he was 3.05kg (7.1lb) and 50cm. He was growing rapidly but I haven't had him measured for awhile, though I weighed him myself and he's 9kg.
He usually sleeps through the night but has taken to waking at 4.30ish each day, which is a bit hard as I'm back at work now nearly full time.
He's not rolling yet, though he did roll from front to back a couple of times, but has since forgotten. I just put it down to being lazy, why do things yourself when everyone does it for you lol!
Will be good to hear from you all soon

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