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March 2007 bubs Lock Rss

Yesterday Chloe she went from laying down to sitting up! Now i need to lower her cot so she can't fall out if she sits up and hangs over the edge. I'll get DF to do it TODAY.
Not much other news, she is trying hard to crwal but goes backwards. Oh, and if i stand her up holding onto the lounge she can hold her weight alone for a couple of minutes.
She sleeps 12hrs a night from 8pm to 8am but gets up anywhere between 3am and 5am for a feed and goes straight back to sleep, im going to try and cut this feed out soon by giving her water instead of milk.
Hope all our other March babies are doing great also.

Ill also add that Chloe still has not got any teeth, she has all the signs of teething but the lil buggers won't come through.
[Edited on 02/10/2007]
Just a update on Nicholas.

He will be getting his 6 month needles next week. I have to get them 2 weeks late cos he was always sick when he was meant to get them. He now has 4 teeth & i can see another 2 through his gums. Not yet crawling but he did get his knees on the floor for a couple of seconds yesterday. Not yet sitting either he keeps leaning to the side. He loves to kick his older brother though lol. Ds1 gets so annoyed.

Its great to hear how other bubs are going. I cant beleive some are now 7 months old. Nicholas was born on the 31st so he has just turned 6 months old. Its so strange cos they were born in ther same month but they are like a month older. Anyway enough of my babbling catch up soon

My 3 beautiful boys DS1-05, DS2-.07 & DS3-09

My DS was 6mths on the 26th and like Nicholas he is getting his needles 2 weeks late as he was in hospital with bronchiolitis at 4mths and got his needles late...

Ryan has 3 teeth and the 4th is just about popped and the 2 up top are white as but not ready to come down just yet.
Ryan too leans when sitting, nearly kissing the floor actually but is getting there. He too loves to kick his brother, and also loves digging his toes into your legs.

DH and I have bruises where he digs them into your leg.

Take care.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Hi Girls

Has been a bit since i last posted so i thought i'd better stop being slack and give you an update on Isaac.
He had his needles a week ago and hasnt put on much weight since last time. We all caught rota virus from the child care centre so we were sick for a few days with that. It was very nasty!!! Isaac still hasnt been able to shake the cold. His runny noses drive me nuts!
His first tooth popped through yesterday YAY smile. Bottom left, and the bottom right looks not far off. He is crwling all over the house, sits up by himself, blows raspberries (cheeky little man) and his first word was bub, which he says constantly. Bugger i was hoping he would say mum! I cant believe how quickly they have grown!!! He is also starting to pull himself up in his cot. I certainly have to have eyes in the back of my head these days!!

Naomi i got the pics of Annikas christening. She looked just beautiful. What an angel (although it sounds like shes not an angel atm lol).
I'd better go, Isaac has just come into the kitchen to investigate. Hope everyone and their bubs are all well. Take care xxoo

Hi March mummies!!!

Not much has been going on since I last spoke...
Wow cant believe that Issac is crawling already!!!
God Liam just started to roll I guess all bubs are different hey!!! He's good except at night when he's in bed he rolls over and cant get back so then he screams for us.
Then he wont go back to sleep without a bottle only takes 10 minutes...

Oh well better go and watch Bathurst!!!!

HI, My baby is moving every where he want stay still.
Austin is pulling himself up on the lounge and base of chairs, beds, stools. He rocks and jumps on his knees. HIs not even 7mths yet.He holds himself up well,on his knees but hasnt learnt how to get down, so he bumps his head on the way down.
We have a health checkup thursday!!! Yay, i'll be able to see how much he weighs.
Bye for now..Leah...
Hi All

It has been awhile since my last post, sounds like a confession doesn't it HEEHEE. any way cooper is finally sitting on his own yah but still gets the wobbles. Just wondering if someone could help me, Im trying to ween cooper to a bottle as I have to head back to work in the next few months he will drink a little but then gags and almost vomits from the taste of the formula and then just screams, is there any formula that is close to the taste of breast milk?. Does any one have any suggestion on wening from breast feeding to formula and bottle feeding?

PLEASE HELP[/img][/url]

We had a problem weening Xander to a bottle, tried all sorts of bottles and formula, finally found that a tommee tippee bottle that looks like a boob (squat bottle with huge teat) and S26 gold worked for us. Does he take breastmilk from the bottle, as taking the bottle was half the battle for us?

Hi Tassie Mum

cooper will drink water and breast milk from the bottle but will not drink the formula we have tried a few different formulas but no go. I have even tried half breast milk and half formula but he wouldn't even drink that.[/img][/url]

Hey there mate.... I had to wean Ryan to bottle at 4 mths due to going back to work. I did it slowly over a 4week period.

At first Ryan would only take 20 - 40ml and pull off and hated it. I found that he wanted the formula quite warm and still does now... but what I did was gave him what he wanted then topped him up on breast, and slowly but surely he would take more and more of the bottle.

He was on 5 bottles at the time so for the first 3 days I gave him 1 formula then increased the number of offered bottles every 3-4 days. Yes he'd only take 50ml or whatever but I kept offering it. I didn't worry to much about the PM bottles as I would be home anyway but always ensured I gave him a formula one during the day (my working hours)... It took the full 4 weeks to convert him but still continued giving him breast in the evening even after returning to work and eventually he didn't want breast.

I used the Big Wide avent bottles and S26.

Good luck sweetie, I hope it all works out for you.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

Hi coops mum

We use the same tommy tippee bottles as tassie mum. They are fantastic. A little on the expensive side, about $19 for 2 bottles but are well worth it!!
Im having a similar problem with Isaac and his vegies. We started him on commercial baby food and have since tried him on mashed home cooked veg but he gags and screams. We have tried mixing in the commercial food but he is not silly!! I will keep perservering (sp) though. We have also tried him on mashed banana and no go on that either.

He has been very grumpy lately. This next tooth is upsetting him a bit i think. Also I have started to mix in some cows milk with farex instead of formula to get him used to it. We hope to have him on cows milk by the end of the year. Its making him constipated, which certainly isnt helping his moods!!!
Other than that everything is great smile. He has started to crawl properly instead of the caterpiller crawl ( tho he does go back to that when he chases the cat lol). Now that the tooth is through he has taken up the habit of biting the cot. Oh and I thought he was giving me a lovely big kiss on the cheek the other day and he bit me instead!! They might be small but those teeth are dangerous! Man it hurt.
We have also started teaching Isaac to drink from a cup. He just has water and is learning quite well.

Danielle it is scary to think that Isaac is crawling already!!! I cant believe how much he has grown in such a short time. It just flew by. I can see why some mums have their babies close together (tho i am not ready for that yet lol). Your bub will be off and running before you know it (if he isnt already).
Sorry i have chewed your ear off this morning girls. I got up early so i've had some time to catch up smile
Hope you and your bubs are all doing great. Chat soon xx

Hey all,

Just an update on my little girl Victoria. Shes turning 7 months on sunday 14/10.
shes got her bottom 2 teeth coming through, gave her grief for a day but doesnt seem like any hassle at the moment, id say theyl be fully out in a week or two. She still rolling around everywhere but she is getting up more on her knees and hands and rocking. It will be fun and games when shes on the move. Shes enjoying her solids.
Hope all the other little ones are going well

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