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17th jan 2005 babys Lock Rss

HI Everyone,

I had my first baby, Eliza on the 17th jan
this year. Just wondering if there are other babys born on this day? Hows everything been going
reached any major milestones yet?

6 months is getting closer and closer and i expected her to have done alot of things by then
but.... lol

things are developing guess her biggest acheivment so far is sitting up, she lasts a little longer everyday

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

hi my name is jess and i had my first baby on the 16th of jan 05 by emergency c section.yes 6th months is getting closer and crawling should be happerning soon.Is eliza on solids yet.Cheynaee my daughter has been on solids since she was 3months and loves it to bits.She is now sitting up by herself and trying to crawl.How r u goin with everything.

ME 30, DH 32, DD 10 , DD 4 and baby due 24th May 2015

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