Hi Im Alanna.

Mackala was born 3rd May 2003. She was born at 39wks weghing 10lb 6oz (4710grms) and her length was 52cm and he H/C was 38cm.

Mackala is now 26.5mnths and weighing 16kg and her length is 91cm her H/C is 50cm. She is wears size 4-5 tops, 3-4 pants and her shoe size is size 9.

As a baby she was pefect, well from 9wks. She was getting fed every 1.5hrs to 9wks then slept right through and still does. I have had no problem with her cutting teeth, never knew she was to she would bite me or I would look. She crawled at 8mnths and walked 3 days b/f her 1st bday.

She is very active and loves other kids. Atm she is right in the middle of the terrible 2's and I mean she is terrible. She hates been told off, tells me to go away and yells back or doesnt listen and keeps doing what my DP and I have told her not to do. She throws things when she cant have her own way or runs off on me when we're not home, which makes it very hard with a new born! She is a good kid, but not right now LOL. She loves to help me with her brother and tries to be "miss mum".

Atm she is trying to tell me she wants to be toilet trained which I havent quiet started properly. Only going to do days for now.

I was wondering if any other mums out there have had a May 2003 child. I would love to chat and compare notes with what different stages our kids are at, at the same age. As every child is different.