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First tooth at 3 months! Lock Rss

My daughter who is now 2 and a half started teething at 10 weeks and had her first tooth at 17weeks. She had all of her teeth including her 2 yr old molars at 18 months. She cross cut and didn't get them in the recommended order.

My son who is currently 15 weeks was born with swollen gums. At 4 weeks we could see two teeth on his bottom bums, one on either side of the middle two. They still haven't cut but are getting whiter and more visible every day so hopefully they will cut soon.

With my daughter we used nurofen, panadol never worked for her. Nurofen can be used from 3 months. We also used Womens and Children Teething gel. Can be purchased from the childrens hospital in Sth Aust, but other childrens hospitals may have the same thing??? It was brilliant, and we used it all the time as nothing else worked for her. Goos luck everyone
I know how you feel my little girl was born with her 2 bottom teeth and was teething straight away which made it worse seeings we could not give her panadaol or teething rings because they were too big for her mouth . i just think that it is 2 less teeth i am going to have to worry about when the others start coming through
oh my son cut his first 1 at 7 months and i thought that was early wish you guys good lux
I've heard of babys being born with a tooth, 6months is the average age, I was 11 & half months old when I got my first tooth, my son was 6months old, now at 9months he has 6teeth!
My eldest daughter who is now 6, had her first tooth come through at 8 weeks old, my 2nd daughter had her first tooth at 3 months and my 3rd child had her first tooth at 4 & a 1/2 months. All 3 of them had all of their teeth fully through by the time they were 11 months old. Every baby is different and they all progress at different rates. Both my 1st and 3rd children were really bothered by teething but my 2nd breezed through it like it was nothing. Glad your Bella is doing so well with it smile
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