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amber beads... Lock Rss

I'm putting these beads to the test.

DS2 has 4 teeth, 2 upper and 2 lower. With ALL his teeth he had temps, runny nose, irritability and even with the first set a body rash. I have tried EVERYTHING on the market atm.

He's been wearing the beads for the past week and the next 2 teeth of the bottom are due to come through. If he gets no symptons, I will swear by them. I'm crossing my fingers they work.

Under the advisement of my brother who swears to this day that his daughter who is nearly 2 and still wearing the beads, never had any issues with teething bar 1 day.

I wanted to see if it would work on my 6 mth old boy, praying for it to be my cure for the all too-well familiar shrieking-filled and the occasional sleepless nights I had been use to in the past with my other kids. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectation. His bottom 2 teeth have now popped up, and since wearing the amber beads at 5 mths, I can almost swear that it does not make any difference. Bonjela seems to be the only thing that helps for a little while.

So I am undecided as to whether it works or not, for it works for my niece..(presumably). I'm going to simply conclude with all children teethe and cope differently, whatever works for your child may not necessarily work for others. wink wink wink wink
If you are concerned about your child weraring them at night I have read suggestions on other sites to wrap it around the ankle and cover with a suit or socks. I am going to get some I have had nothing but trouble with my little one! 7 months old had colic from birth to about 5 months, then got bottom two teeth and now cutting eye teeth! Haven't slept in over a week! fingers crossed they work for me!
I watched a thing on Campbell Live and it said they were a load of rubbish so I took my DD's off. I put them on again 2 days later!! I don't care if it is a load of rubbish, but I prefer my DD without the screaming, crazy drooling and red cheeks so she is back to wearing them 24/7 smile
I seriously don't know if it works. DS has worn his (I have never taken it off him) since he was 4 months old. He is slow on the teeth-growing department. He only has 3 so far and he's 14-month-old. However, I have never heard a squeak from him when his teeth are cutting. All that I know is that one day, there's this white line on his gum smile
Well I didn't know if they were working or not until we lost them, I had a grizzly drooly son till they were replaced 10 days later. I bought them off Trade Me for about $28.
I keep them on DS day and night and have done since 5 months old(he is nearly 2) and haven't had any choking issues. The benefit is also supposed to extend to ecxzma and aid this, but is quite localized so around the ankle won't benefit the head area so well.
DS has never had the red cheek, feverish face look at all with these, but maybe he never would have, but they're staying on just in case. I also think they actually look really cool anyway!
well i never used anything when my son was teething.. and you would never know he was, they just popped out, and i have other friends that use everything under the sun and still have problems so i guess its not what you use its all down to how each individual child seems to react to teething. im waiting to see if we get hell or heaven with the second when she gets teeth.
Ive never heard of them but my DS was good, never knew when he was teething besides abit of dribble, until he got his molars then he was abit grumpy but ive been pretty lucky.
Amber beads really do work, my little one had four teeth through at once and you would never have known it.
If I take them off she is a very different little person!
There is no need to think negative about amber beads. They sure work with guaranty as I have used it myself.

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