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No teeth at 15 months Lock Rss

My second son is over 15 months and still has no teeth! He's had a couple of tips of teeth appear then go down again.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had babies who have been late getting teeth? I've heard that the later they come, the less chance of crowding etc, and also they tend to all come at once if they are late.

At what age should I start getting concerned?
My son was about 15/16 months. I don't know when or even if you should be concerned. Maybe call an orthodontist or a dentist?
DS2 is just over 10mths and still has no teeth and no signs of teeth....the later the better I say, but by 2yrs I think you should be concerned.
I know some whos DD who is 18mths has only just gotten her first 4 teeth and she did take her to a DR and they siad it was fine they will come.

HI , my DD#1 started getting her teeth at 16mths. If the tips appeared at least you know they are there...
Dont worry to much, they will come smile
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