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Grinding Teeth!! Lock Rss

My 1yr old has just started grinding her front teeth! She only has her two top, and two bottom, and one has just cut through next to her two top... It is driving me insane as no matter what i do i cant seem to distract her from doing it!! Not sure if this could be the reason, or a contributing factor but she has only just gotten gromits in just before chrissy and it was roughly a week later that she started griding!! Any suggestions on what to do??? Ive been thinking about taking her to the dentist... but is she to young?
Its completely normal and SHOULD be a passing phase. Both my girls have done it. They still do it abit from time to time. Try not to draw too much attention to it & maybe give her something to chew on or some food if you want.

She's not too young for the dentist smile They probably wont do much though. I took DD1 when she was 18 months and they asked me a few questions & briefly looked in her mouth.
My 1 year old has just started this last week, grinding her teeth too!
She has two large bottom teeth and two new top ones and a side one just through, the other side is about to come through I would say in the next few days.
We are booked to see the dentist on Saturday, so will see what they say.
I just gave her a rusk - it seems to help
Will say - it's a horrendous sound, and I do worry she will hurt the little teeth she has.

Will have to see what they say on Saturday - will report back!!
my little girl is nearly 11 months and does the same thing , has started to grind her teeth it sounds so grouse when she does it, not sure why she does it.
my daughter did that for about a year after getting rid of her said not too worry it shouldnt effect her grown up teeth and not much you can do ..shes now 8 and has beautiful teeth smile smile smile
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