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teeth coming in the wrong order Lock Rss

Hi I found this odd and was wondering if anyone else has had the same thing with their bubs. My daughter is 15 and a half months old and has had 3 molars come through. She has all four central incisors but no lateral incisors or canine teeth. Does anyone think this could be a problem or something not to worry about?
My Daughters teeth all came in perfect order as they were meant to, but my son's teeth were all over the shop!!! He, like your daughter, had all 4 central but no canine's and got his molars and then ages later got his canine's! Everyone is different and the ages that they say they come are just recommendations! My daughter got all her teeth a lot earlier than she should have!
I wouldn't be too worried just yet as she is still young!

Hope that helps!

the only teeth my 18 month old is missing atm are her 4 canines. the lower two are very close to cutting through but she's had her pre-molars for several months now. My eldest actually got her canines as her first 4 teeth (that looked weird for quite a while until the other teeth came through!). Teeth are just as individual as children so I wouldn't be too worried about it, more just keep it in the back of your mind and see how things go.

Thanks for all your replies its nice to know that its not something wrong. My mum was a little concerned I think because I have a couple of adult teeth that have never come through. But I think my little ones will come through soon enough.
My daughter got her bottom 2 teeth first, then her top lateral incisors instead of the middle ones. She was my wee vampire baby for a while smile Pre-molars should come through before canines anyway. She has all her teeth now, so I don't think it's anything to worry about and pretty common.
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