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anyone heard of high needs baby, my little girl is draining Lock Rss

I am wanting to speak to any mothers out there or dads who have babies that are just so draining. Let me explain. My 6 half month girl had never been a good day sleeper cat naps, she is content sometimes but always cries when she is bored of her toys. I have a swinger, bouncer, walker and jumping jolly. She can play but just wants to be stimulted all the time.
She cannot wind down like other friends babies and takes effort to get her to sleep.
Went to a mothers group the other day and all the other 6 month babies played sweetly on the floor, but my little girl started okay but not long and started crying,
She is on solids and eats well . Never had a day time routine and sleeps okay at night only 10 hours.
Please I am desperate to hear from anyone else with a draining baby. I seem to be alone.
My little boy is only 3 weeks but is a very demanding bub.

my little man (now 9 1/2 months) is a reflux bub, who is a seriously low sleep requirement baby (2 x 40 min sleeps a day then 10hrs o/n if im lucky) He is extremely active, gets board quickly and doesnt stop moving. He is a lot better now he can crawl as he is not as frustrated as he was at 6 months. but its tiring and i tend to be in a constant state of exhaustion. Dont get me wrong hes very cute (and pretty intelligent- as much as a child his age can be) and i love spending time with him but some days i would love an hour to my self.
I completely understand what you mean reguarding other kids. Most of my friends kids do that drift of to sleep thing after being lovely and settled in their cot/pram for a while. My little man has never done that.
Your def not alone
that is my son exactly. except my son is only 4months. he constantly wants to be held and be entertained and is not really interested in his toys or playing alone.
iam lucky because i have really good family support though so if he gets a bit much sometimes i let my mum watch him for a while.

something that has really helped me is yoga i go 3times a week and i go out for an hr and come home relaxed.
even meditation at home could help?

Have you had a chat to your child health nurse? I think for newborns you have to go with the flow but at six months a routine is a good idea - both for baby and you. Have a look here for a guide...

With no routine it may be that she is over stimulated and over tired... so harder to settle and often crying and upset.

Dont compare your baby to other babies, they are all unique and have different temperaments. One thing they have in common though is that they all have alot of needs, they need us to do everything for them and that takes alot of time (day to day care, feeding, changing, settling, cuddling, bathing etc). Its way to early to expect them to play by themselves.

There's lots of sites on babies development at various stages, it helps to know where they are at. Here's one (google 'baby development') to find more info.

Hope this helps. One last thing... sometimes other mums only tell the good things and make like all is well with their bub but every mum has a hard time at one time or another so dont beat yourself up. At mums group you only see them for a short time, its probably a whole different story at home.
Hi please don't take this the wrong way as I don't want it to come out wrong. Your baby girl is only young stil and maybe doesn't want to play with her toys, you state that she has all these things to play with but maybe all she wants is to play with you.

When my eldest was this age she had every toy available and I couldn't work out what was wrong with her. I had someone come to my house to watch and see how I was with my daughter to help find the pronlem. The problem was there was to much stimulation for her, I put most the toys away and only brought out a few every week. I spent more 1 on 1 time on the floor with her with books and just laying and playing with her, she changed heaps, within a week she was a totally different baby.
Hi my boy has been busy from day one. Lifted his head from birth, rolled at 6 weeks and crawled at 4.5 months.

That being said he is still trying to walk at 12 months but prefers his crawling as he has been doing if for so long and he is quick with it. I used to envy all the mums at coffee group with their chilled out babies who would sleep on them as they were chatting.

Not my man he needed to be put in his cot with no stimulation otherwise no sleep. Early on he would sleep in the pram but as he got older there was too much to look at so no sleep.

What worked for me was routine. I know it sounds boring but he just knew that at that time he slept. I still get two good days sleeps from him 1 1/2 to 2 hours each in length and about 11 hours at night.

When he was little he did catnap during the day which drove me insane which is why I did the routine that way i did not spend all day trying to get him to sleep. He had two naps and that was it. Eventually he clicked on that he needed to sleep longer. He did not sleep thru the night until he was 6 months although he only woke once a night from early on.

He does get up at the crack of dawn and is on the go till I put him to bed with a safety sleep. I use on of these as he would just spend the time playing in his cot if he was not forced to lie down.

I know how you feel for a long time I wondered if something was wrong with him just because he is so busy. Thankfully he does not cry too much. he has a short attention span though but as he is mobile he just crawls off and gets into something else. he climbs like a demon so does need to be watched. Set up little toy stations for her to find around the room. If she is not crawling she may be frustrated. He loves to watch me do things like mow the lawns, hang out washing etc so I park him up in his high chair when I do these things. I used to use the exersaucer when he was little.
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