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White cot for girl brown cot for boy?? Lock Rss

I have a 15 month girl who has a white cot and white change table and my partner and I are thinking of having another baby and I said to him that if we have a boy I wont a brown cot and change table and he said what would be wrong with the white one we have... I just think that boys should should have brown and girls should have white does anyone agree?? He doesnt want to spend money on a new one and doesnt wont to paint the white one brown which I kind of agree with but I still want a brown one if we have a boy smile
Actually!! I was thinking the same thing,
Well I wanted white for my DD and brown for this baby, but DH really said there was no point sad and we can just give this baby DD cot (which we have since turned into a toddler bed) and change table to the new baby.

But we would be buying DD a new bed anyway smile

ME - 23
DH - 25

Miss Willow

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We had white furniture for DD (#1) & didn't even consider using anything else when #2 (DS) came along.
I really like the white furniture for boy or girls & when DS gets his big boy bed, it will be white aswell...
If you get the right manchester it can look great as the white enhances the colours

Oh & DD & DS's bedrooms are not huge, so the white furniture doesn't close it in like some of the darker colours do...
I have brown timber cot and change table for DD. I wouldn't change them for a boy, but then they are the color I love!
Obviously its not a big deal lol im sure both colours suit both genders I just really want a brown one if we had a boy and I am trying to convince my Fiance which is why we need your comments smile
Hehe, I'm having a girl and I've gone all brown and dark colours for the furniture!! I think that's because I'm a clean freak though and don't like stains! ARGH, stains on white furniture is something Id hate XD...
I guess it comes down to what you think would look better or what you can imagine your little baby in smile
Keeping the same furniture WOULD be cheaper, but if you think you can afford it, not much harm in that either smile
no right or wrong for colour grin
good luck!!!

We've had a brown timber cot for girls and boys. I'd save you money, buy some gorgeous linen and maybe a personalised wall canvas in boy colours, or a rug.
We have dark brown wood furniture regardless of baby's sex, however I would recommend that you stick with your white. Whilst the colour looks stunning, trust me, white is easier to clean, my brown cot is covered in milk stains (which I have to clean daily) and bite marks which cannot be repainted/repaired (b/c you can't match the colour). Whereas white, you can resand and repaint the white cot if necessary.

In saying that though, if you have a big enough house to justify two cots, go for it.
I agree, brown cots show up milk and dust marks sooo bad white is much easier to keep clean, i think it doesnt matter what colour the cot is, go with what u like though smile
We have white cot and change table used for both my boys (we also have a 2nd cot that's brown, given to us 2nd hand)

I wouldn't buy a new one just for the colour - not when you already have one that serves the purpose

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