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Squeeling Lock Rss

My 9 1/2 month old is squeeling really loudly all the time. It is a high pitched shrill that turns heads and stops conversations dead- it is also driving me deaf and up the wall.

I have tried saying no- firmly, low voice etc- she seemed to think this was a game. i have also tried ignoring it- no difference. I am back to saying no a million times a day and it still doen't seem to make any diference.

Any ideas?
Does anybody else experience this? Nobody else in my play group seems to have this issue-sigh!

baby girl and another on the way

My son squeels, but he does it for fun and to show excitement (He is nearly 8 months old). Perhaps your son is just telling you he is enjoying himself.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Hey Lynda-Loo,

I have no ideas but I understand. My Daughter Charli went throught about a month of this period. Then she learnt a new sound and it was over.

I know how you feel, but it can only get better. lol

hi lynda-loo,
does your dd do it at home too? if she does just pick her up take her away from her toys and say a firm no, but make sure you have eye contact and at the same level as she is. this usually makes them think "what the..?" she will eventually work out that your not going to put up with it anymore.
this has work pretty well for me. so good luck.
and remember........ consistance and persistance. smile

Amina, mum of 3 boys 06/03, 03/05, 06/08

Both of my children did this (little one still doing it) and I have a cousin who is a speech pathologist, I asked how I can stop this, and she said it was the baby developing their noises and experimenting with different sounds & if she was still doing it when she was 2 then it is a behavioural problem & needs to be stopped. I thought that was a load of [email protected] and she said just wait, it won't last long - nevertheless, it didn't!!! (although the time it did last, it drove me nuts!

Why not try and distract her with different toys when the squealy noises start & tell her that this is better than that noise and after a while she'll forget about the squealing, and realise it's not getting any attention. (well, you hope she'll stop!!)
Thanks for the advice-I think I have pretty much tried every thing but it is good to know that there is hope that it will stop.

We are just tring to accept that is is a form of communication. It is interesting to see the reactions that she gets from others (shop keepers, rellies, friends etc) -their copying and eyecontact reinforces the behaviour.

Anyway we are looking forward to the next sound-thanks again everyone, much appreciated

baby girl and another on the way

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