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Cries when held by anyone else - what do I do? Lock Rss

My 5 and a half month old daughter cries when she is held by anyone besides me or her father. She started doing this a little while ago. She still does this even if I'm right there and talking to her. Is this just a phase?

WA, daughters born May 2005 and June 2007

My little one too went through a sookie la la phase. She would even get a bit scared by other babies if we sat near each other so they could look at each other.

I read about introducing her to others, not sure if that made the difference but now she seems fine. She certainly takes to some people, but not others.

I would sit with some-one untill she was comforatable, then they would take her, but face her to me. Now I can leave the room and she doesn't freak out. Might all just be luck though, who really knows. Keep trying a few different things till either some-thing works, or she out grows it.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hi, my a.5mth old is very similar. i don't know your situation but mine is that i live on a property out of town and all day every day it is basically just me and him. and just lately whenDH holds him he has begun looking around for me. not all the time tho. but when it comes to other people holding him, my mum, DH's mum, he is fine for about 5 minutes then i have to take him back. my mum's alright about it but MIL is not, she thinks he needs constant holding by her when upset. i put it down to not being able to see diferent people as often as my older two did.
consequently when it comes to the mil things are very tense and babies sense that so i think she's the problem. but that's off the subject.
My older were socialised from the time they were born, as i lived in Perth and didn't stay home much but with damon i'm home nearly all the time and we don't see anyone. sometimes it's 2-3 days before we'll venture further than the driveway.
i would like him to attend daycare when he's abit older but out here that's not possilbe.
i also read somewhere that bubs start realizing who's who in their little lives aswell and i'm sure it is a phase. ur her security blanket and she doesn't like being without.
good luck and hope you find something that works

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