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The perfect teething ring Lock Rss

I think this is pretty funny. My DD has worked out how to grab her leg and suck on her big toe. She now rubs her bottom gum back and forth across her toes. It makes this squeeking sound - so funny. Do any other babies out there totally love their feet !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hey Kazi - My sister emailed me a pic of her DD (1yr) and she had bruises all over her feet - BIG bruises. So I rang her up and asked her what she had done and the little bugg3r bites her feet when she is angry, frustrated or just chuck'n a temper tantrum! Very funny (well I though so) grin

I was told the other day if your bub is teething but isn't very good at holding things to rub their gums with your finger until they go white and squeak as this releases a hormone or something in their gums that helps with the pain. Looks like your little one found that out for herself. smile
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