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liitle sleep/not enough wieght gain Lock Rss

hi, I haven't put in a post since before my now 4 month old daughter was born. I'm in desperate need of some advice. My little girl sleeps about 2-3 hours at a time overnight, usually has one long sleep (about 2 hours) in the morning and just has 1 or 2 short naps the rest of the day. She has only put on 400grams in the last month and it has been suggested to me by a health professional to supplement her night feed with formula which she hates! She's not always hungry when she wakes at night. Does anyone else have this scenario or any advice? She is otherwise a bright happy baby.

happy mum,vic,baby charlotte 17.11.03

Hi Shelli

My son has always been a slow grower, his average is probably 400g per month. I assume your baby is breastfed if you've been told to supplement with formula. My son was never a big day sleeper, but I am lucky that he has slept well at night since about nine weeks. My child health nurse said that breastfed babies don't ususally gain the perfect 150-200g per week. I remember one week my son hadn't gained any weight and the next week he had gained 400g - it was a one-off event! Normally he gains between 50-100g per week. If your daughter is otherwise happy, as long as she is having some weight gain I wouldn't worry if I were you. I did used to supplement my son's night time feed with formula but it had no effect on his sleep or weight gain. Once I jokingly told said to the nurse he probably burns it all off as he is so active - she said I was right. I got tired of worrying about his weight gain as he is really happy and healthy and the nurse isn't worried about him. He's now 9 months old (tomorrow) and he weighs about 7.5kg. Anyhow just do what you feel is right for you and your baby, you're not alone. If you need help with sleep I would suggest talking to your health nurse (if supportive) or one of the sleep clinics such as Karitane.

All the best
thanks for the advice Jasmine, sorry its taken me a little while to reply- I haven't had the opportunity to get online for a few days. I did as you suggested and talked with our nurse and shes not worried as long as babies happy, but she did have the sleep specialist nurse talk to our mother group this week and this lady has offered to come to our house and see how we try to get Charlotte to sleep. Pretty cool I thought, might take her up on that as son as I catch up with the house work! Any way THANKS AGAIN

happy mum,vic,baby charlotte 17.11.03

My daughter is 3 months old and she had the same sleep patterns and didn't gain more than 100g a week (one week she lost 40g) . It turned out nothing was wrong with my milk supply. I went to tresillian and they taught me to put my baby back to sleep at the 40-50min wake up (which is the transition wake up before babies get into deep sleep) ... she then began to sleep a lot longer, more happier.

However, she's now going through a growth spurt and I'm back to the 2hr sleeps even at night (she was sleeping 5-8hrs at night from age 5 weeks). Oh well just when you think you've got a routine! Good luck

Daniella, Sydney, 15 month old

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