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hey everyone,

DD #2 is only 3.5mths old and has had a teething rash since 8wks but i can't see or feel any teeth coming through.

when it first showed up i was like yeah its only a teething rash but when it got really red i took her to the dr and they said teething rash then i took her back a few weeks later coz she had it on her neck and i was told it was eczema then i took her for a check up like i was told and i was told once again that it was a teething rash and to go back a week later if it was still there so i did and was told once again that it was eczema so i got 2 different answers from 4 drs.

but eveything goes in her mouth and she likes it when i rub her gums so i think she might be teething but i was told that it was too early coz babies don't start teething until aroun the time they start to roll which is apparently 4-5mths

can anyone tell me when their bubs started teething coz DD #1 was about 3.5mths old

Every child develops at their own pace. My eldest got teeth at 4 months and my little one is just getting her first teeth now at 6 months - molars first - she is not a happy bubby!

I have a friend who's daughter is getting teeth now and she is only 2 months - and another who's boy is only getting his first now at 9 months!

Enjoy the variety! Life would be boring if everything happened exactly the same for everyone!

or son is 3.5mths nearly 4 mths and he too is teething hes been teething since 2mths they just keep coming up then down we were told to give him teethers and too use bonjela and his cousin teethed at the same age and had his first tooth cut through by 4.5mths

My daughter was 7months when she got her first bottom tooth then 2weeks later she got her other bottom tooth and the day she turned 9 months she got her top one. We dident know that she was teething shes gone though it really well so far.
with us DD #1 went through teething really well no crying or anything except she got the teething rash and a bit of a fever. we never knew that DD #1 was teething until the teeth were through.

but so far with DD #2 we've had crying and fever and teething rash and pulling at the mouth but shes getting better with it. but theres still no sign of tetth yet

My daughter started teething at 12wks and had her first tooth just before four months so it could just be teething. If you are still uncomfortable I'd say see a specialist maybe as you've had so many differing opinions from different doctors..

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sounds like teething to me

DS got his first tooth at 4 months, second at 5 months and is now cutting 4 top teeth together, poor baby, and yes he is one crabby baby

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well i found out that her rash was actually eczema and i was given some cream where you need an authorisation code in order to get it.

but she still keeps pulling at her gums and chewing her hand so i think she is teething as well.

I swear Cole started teething at around 3 months but he didn't get his first one until 10 months! The second came at 11 1/2 months. He is now 13 months old and still on has two teeth! He's a toothless wonder!!!


My DD2 is now almost 9 months and has another bout of teething, gosh I wish they would just come through already. She has 6 teeth already, her first 2 came through at 8 weeks with the next 4, all in one weekend, coming through at 5 months. She has the top 4 and bottom 2. She has been drooling, red cheeks, moderate temps for the past 3 days but still no teeth. It seems that these next ones are being a bit stubborn. Teething happens at all different ages. My DD1 had 11 teeth by 10 months and had vomiting and fever everytime. I just hate that they are so uncomfortable with it. DD2 at the moment can be crawling around playing and sometimes what she is putting things to her mouth to chew on jabs her the wrong way and hits a senstivie spot and she freaks out in pain. Poor bubba.
Good luck and wishing you well over the next few days/weeks, hehehe.
Hi Angel Wings

My DD has eczema and I was told about MediHoney Eczema Cream by the CHN. It is only $10 a tube from the chemist and it has worked wonders. A litle goes a long way and it is very soothing. It cleared her face in three days and now I apply it twice a day to keep the eczema at bay. I know that some eczema creams don't work well for different bubs but it may be worth giving it a go before trying prescription medications that contain steroids.
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